Is the Definitive Edition app going to get updates?

I was just curious, but is the Definitive Edition app going to receive any updates? I know one of the appeals was to have stuff like complete bios and soundtracks, but with the release of Kilgore and Shinsako it’s no longer complete.

I know getting it updated is not in any way necessary, especially since it doesn’t really feel like it was meant to be updated, but I thought I’d ask. It would be neat to see it occasionally updated with new music, bios, interviews, & such.


I’m bumping this because with the reveal of he Steam version and with the 3 post S3 characters being either made free or are being added to the Steam version I thought it might be relevant.

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Seconded. Also, can you make the soundtracks and other goodies obtainable in the game for non-DE owners?

Honestly I don’t see that happening, mostly because it’s not even obtainable in the game for DE owners. The DE part of DE is simply a separate front-end app that has all the documentaries and soundtracks etc there and also launches the game (KI1 & 2 as well on the XB1 version). The game itself is the same one non-DE owners have and play.

Oh. Well thats a real nut punch to people like me (Who paid for all 3 seasons).

Hey, you’re talking to someone who got all 3 seasons, the XB1 DE disk, and the PC DE version as well.
Not trying to brag, but if you feel that strongly about having the extra goodies, just get a copy of the DE. It was only $40 to start with, and you can pick up a used copy for $30 from gamestop. But with a physical copy you also get a music CD that has a few higher quality tracks, and a physical copy of the game, which IMHO guarantees the game won’t go the way of Scott Pilgrim or Afterburner Climax or other digital-only games that aren’t available anymore because they were pulled from online stores.
*Shrug * Options are already in place if you want them.

Hmmm… Idk what ima do yet. Get it for my friend or get myself all them goodies and s*it.