Is shadow wrecking ball too good?

It works as both an ender and a linker, basically an unbreakable linker that cashes out damage. The scaling on it isn’t bad at all, and you can choose whether to continue the combo as a grounded combo or a juggle combo meaning you can go for optimal stuff depending on your resources. Add to all that the fact that it has super armor and gives you a wall bounce in the corner? There is literally no reason to use the shadow ram over this thing.
(added bonus, since it cashes out mid combo you don’t get level 4 ender animation but you still get good damage.)

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Wrecking Ball in general is too good. Cross screen with armor and an easy follow up. It’s ridiculous and it’s why you see pretty much every Rash player online abusing it and cheesing wins with it. It needs a big time nerf.

It’s pretty much Powerline on steroids.

this : It’s pretty much Powerline on steroids.

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Wrecking Ball is punishable on block by everyone, and MUCH slower than Powerline. So it’s not Powerline.

So… an ender?


Maybe it’s just me and my timing but I seem to get knocked out of wrecking ball pretty easily, at least when I am doing it grounded lol

@Infilament: I really enjoy reading your character guides on the KI.Infil.Net site, do you happen to have any idea when you will be adding to Rash’s page?

Except enders actually end the combo, the most you can get after one is a short juggle. This thing acts more like a linker since you can continue the combo as if it was just another ordinary shadow linker with a giant manual window. And the scaling after the follow up is so small that you can actually cash out two level 3 enders in one combo, probably even a level 3 into a level 4 if you just did all heavies but that’s unrealistic.

Ah now I see gotta be a jump attack.

Yeah jump attack is easiest but you can do any strength grounded manual as well, timing just takes a few tries to get used to, but since you can do any strength air normal there is no point unless you like pulling off tight links.

It’s an ok move. I mean it’s armor doesn’t kick in right away. In the neutral you can just throw out pokes as slow as 16 frames and still beat it.

As for it’s manual timing. Well the good news is that mostly everyone will want to be doing nothing but heavy and Medium manuals so that narrows it done. Most likely heavies so then it becomes easier to break during combos.

I mean if you wanted to nerf it…I guess…the frame advantage on hit maybe? It’s 0 on block…maybe make that - something? I dunno.

My problem isn’t with it in neutral. It’s big, slow, and most likely won’t catch anyone that isn’t sleeping. I think its too strong in combo where it is an ender that functions like a linker and opens up your combo options allowing you to either continue on the ground or launch for a juggle combo.

It’s basically just a wall splat anywhere combo extender except not limited to the corner. I’m willing to bet it’s a bug. Not like there’s already errors in the frame data, and the kan-ra bug. Wouldn’t’ surprise me. Ask keits in the bug thread.