Is Shadow Labs cross-platform with Xbox?

I’m confused about what parts of KI are cross-platform between Steam and Xbox and what aren’t. I know Exhibition and Shadow Lords matches are, and Ranked matches might be soon, but is Shadow Labs content cross-platform? Like, can I play against Shadows on any platform, or am I locked to only fighting Shadows from other Steam players?

as of this moment. I believe everything but Ranked is cross platform. which by the looks of it is getting fixed soon.

Great question. Shadow Lab (and Shadows) will always be separate due to the way the data is stored and downloaded in each ecosystem.

Steam Ranked & Xbox/WinPC Ranked are 2 different ecosystems for Leaderboards, however the test we just did to let Steam Vs. Xbox/WinPC players battle it out & score points off each other (towards their own respective ecosystems) was well received and we are still reviewing the feedback, data and will have news about this soon (looking like a WIN so far!)

I guessed that was the case, looking at Shadow Labs and such.
There’s a reason I’m concerned about Steam having to be isolated from the Xbox mainland, but I’ll have to wait until that Xbox Podcast tomorrow to see if what I’m assuming will happen does happen. You probably know what I mean.

Aight, I guess I was wrong in thinking KI might be coming to other platforms, based on all the internet buzz going on this last week.

My concern was if KI came to another console platform, whether that new platform would be fully cross-compatible with Xbox while Steam would still be isolated in aspects like the Shadow Lab.

Hi and please correct me, if I misunderstood anything. As I understand cross-platform regarding KI means, that matchmaking is done between Steam/Winstore/Xbox users. SL mode online and exhibition had already incorporated cross-platform and ranked online ought to be added to the list.

However with Shadow lab it is impossible to make it cross-platform due to software (and perhaps hardware) incompatibilities. Is that correct?

What does cross-service means?

Finally, poor match making on SL online and exhibition simply means, that there are no active player online. Correct…?

Thank you and have a great weekend!