Is Saberwulf still good?

Is he still good?Now in season 1 and 2 he was my main in fact he was my first level 50 their was Riptor but I used the Wulf more now in late season 3 he got nerfed pretty badly but I wonder after patch 3.7 is he still good? I want to main him again.

I don’t play him but he is still very good.

He only got hit hard at the start of Season 3. He actually got some pretty substantial buffs a few patches back that raised his linker damage and gave him some interesting new in combo choices for damage.

Even of he’s not as strong as he used to be, he’s still a very good dog. He has pretty good damage (especially with meter), really good footsies (including Overpower, possibly the best command normal in the game), omni-directional mixups, great reset potential, and some excellent juggling skills. He’s even got decent defense thanks to Shadow Eclipse and the sheer goodness of his buttons and some of his other AA options.

The only complaint I have right now with Wulf is that his meterless Eclipse hurtbox stops at about his elbow and it really discourages me from using it. That and just knowing that irks me. Otherwise he’s still one of my favorite characters in the game, and has some really good tools.

If you want to see some good S3 Wulf play, check out DaytonJ/UA Wheels. He’s got some great Wulf and Tusk play. He even took the dog into Top 8 at KIWC.


He has good buttons and mixups but his horrible when he is zoned out.All it takes is a patient person with solid defense and it becomes hard for Wulf.

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He’s still good. Just different from previous seasons. I rely on overpower, and overwhelm more now compared to before. Combine those with feral cancel during instinct and he can be a real pain in the ■■■.

He is good, but not top tier. He does struggle against some characters. The Kan Ra match up, Glacius and Gargos (for instance) can be “painful”.
And not being able to zone at all (of course) it’s also a problem xP

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the few Ive ran into lately were pretty damn good. Ask Flash if Wulf is good! I cant stand this guy but Dedpool has a pretty good Wulf. Even though he is a total A hole

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Were can I find this flash?

XxFlashxX I believe is his GT…he has about 7 top 32 stars or more.

Someone else may be able to direct you to his twitch or YouTube with a direct link.


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Wulf does have some real uphill matchups against zoners, but the character is still very strong. He has lots of tools and basic mixups. It’s challenging to pull if really dirty stuff with him, but I don’t think you can say Wulf is low tier.

He always kicks my behind, so he looks good to me.

I say that, but i know he’s seen big changes between release and now.

He is still good. But very different. Flip out is a pretty big part of his game.

Just don’t use his overhead mixup anymore.

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This has always been the case. If anything he is better equipped to handle zoning thanks to diving slash, his faster fun speed, and even the increased length of hamstring.

Don’t know that player. Haven’t heard of him. Does he play on stream? I would like DaytonJ streamed Wulf. He has a great defense and his style is a great example of a patient Wulf.
There are players that would just go crazy at you, nutty style. It can be effective like many other characters that get away with this.
I blame that eventually the nutty Wulfs will give themselves out by an unsafe overhead, hamstring, or constant dashes (even putting themselves in the corner, not an uncommon mistake). But they will…
A frametrapper Wulf , that makes you guess with throws, and low hits, and meaties, safe jump setups and dashes after a positive normal (mostly overpower) to mix you up with resets once in a while…That may be a harder one.

You dont know XxFlashxX? Or you dont know XDedPoolX?

Both are good, Flash has prob 10 stars or more…Dedpool only has 1 last I crossed him, but he is a total ■■■■■■■.
Ive met Flash at AB7 and he was super cool…I liked him regardless of what few have said about him.

Flash is super cool. He’s always been polite when we’ve fought online.

Totally! But not Dedpool… you know him?

itsxflashx has an awesome Wulf. Only seen Daytonj Wulf a few times but his Wulf is VERY solid.

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