Is Rash a sign in bringing Battletoads back?

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Platimum would be epic, but I have a feeling MS would follow the KI route and go with an obscure american dev.


Hope a new Battletoads will have Rash, Pimple & Zitz playable.

But what kind of gameplay can a reboot go for?

DMC style?


DMC style is one way to go. But I’m not sure the battle toads really lend themselves to that style of universe. What would the scenery look like, for example?

The more I think about it the more I think the best and only way to “reboot” Battletoads is to go the retro release route, like Mega Man 10. Drop a $15 8-16bit style title that is short and stupidly hard. Probably not something I would enjoy, but that’s what Battletoads fans would respond best to, in my opinion.


There have been E3 related rumors going around, but (and this is just an estimated guess) if Rare’s doing it, I’m guessing it’d be a simpler, faux-retro thing. They still seem to be putting a lot of resources into Sea of Thieves, so it’s unlikely they can be doing two AAA titles at once.


This, to me is becoming increasingly unlikely. They stick rash in KI last year, for the release of Rare Replay. That sold great. But a year has passed with nothing. So the window is closing to “strike while the iron is hot.” I would have to guess at this point that there is nothing happening for Battletoads.


Yeah, probably. In all honestly I remember in the past Rare has said that modernizing Battletoads, or making a new game for the sake of it, can be tricky. And yeah, since the cameos could all be seen as cross-promotional, we’d know by now if Rash’s was for anything other than Rare Replay.


Games take time to make and if Rare is working on it them selves, then production would probably start after Sea of Thieves.

Also this year not even over yet… (even then takes more then a year to make a decent game anyway)


I wanted to start an another thread on a subject I’m going to touch on now, but let’s just post this thing here.

Did you notice that if you go to concept art gallery Arbiter and RAAM concept arts are basically renders? It’s understandable seeing as how models were simply ported over from Halo 5 and GoW: UE respectively, so no concept arts were needed. But why does Rash have renders instead of CAs? Did IG simply have a Rash model lying around? I’m sure that MS is working on a new Battletoads game and Rash’s model we can see in KI was simply copy-pasted from an existing version of a new game. I may be wrong, but I may be right, also :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think this is the Battletoads model

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I really REALLY want a new Battletoads game. I don’t know what they will do in terms of gameplay, but I would be open to a 3D action platformer beat em up, or another game like Battletoads arcade made as a cheap downloadable title. I really wanna see Pimple, Zitz, and Rash make a return as a mainstay Microsoft series, and it would give them a bit more diversity in style (a lot of exclusives are shooters. Great shooters for sure, but I think a little more wouldn’t hurt)


Old topic, but it’s available, so

2017, any thoughts?


I think it is a good time for new Battletoads game.

TMNT franchise is trainwreck and beat em up genre deserves revitalization.

Just make it MODERN with some nostalgia flavors, not forced 8-bit simulation like Double Dragon 4.

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You’re not wrong either. When have we had a Turtles game that made a controversy?

Double Dragon 4 did good to bring back the beat-em up genre, but as you said, the 8-bit design wasn’t really necessary.