Is patch out yet?

I am refreshing store and nothing happens and its time, iirc.

Eagle and the patch come out at 9 AM (PDT)

welp, so still a hour and some, im a dummy.

In my case it will be lunch by the time he shows up

Same here fellow Okie! :smiley:

cept… I’m at work. :scream_cat:

Im from the UK and it’s out now here

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It’s currently 11:30am here (central), which is 9:30 pacific, and so far I’m not seeing anything yet.
I mean I’m expecting it any minute, but still…

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Yeah I’m in PST at the moment in my hotel room eagerly awaiting the update on my PC. Haven’t gotten it yet.

Edit: Ugggh was hoping I would get some time in with Eagle before my tournament. Oh well. I’ll check later.

Poland, Win10, still no patch.

Mine started updating about twenty mins ago. Already playing Eagle.

Update is downloading on the XB1, but on PC still no sign. I have a feeling that in order to get the game patched I’m going to have to just re-download the game…again.

So, will it patch on PC, when I start the game, or is the patch on the Store? Since mine hasn’t updated on PC yet (UK).

Don’t do that! Win10 just hasn’t hit yet. Nothing that you are doing incorrectly.

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Would have been nice to know before I did it. Lol, oh well…it’s not like I have a data cap on my internet or anything anymore. I’ll just have to tough it out and play KI on my XB1 while the PC version is downloading.

Edit: Actually I’ll be putting my 4-year-old down for a nap, but you get the idea.

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If PC gets 3.8 after re-download please let us know :slight_smile:

The PC patch just went live for me! <3

Patch is live for me too.

Problem is, Eagle is greyed out with “coming soon” prompt.

what is going on?

It got the patch, but it came separately after the re-download. And I’ve heard some people say they’ve been having issues with Eagle being grayed out…I didn’t have that problem.

Mine had it around Thunder.