Is Omens Ultra Broken?

I usually end matches by catching an opponent off guard, using a slide or shadow slide, then going into ultra. BUT it NEVER works. I assumed i was just guessing which side i would end up on wrong. Its VERY hard to tell if you will end up on the other side of the opponent or not. It depends on a lot of factors. But recently i told myself to just go for slide opener into auto double into ultra, just to BE SURE i would know what side i was on. Even then, i put in the ultra motion, hit all three punches (i use left bumper, so i KNOW the problem isnt button timing), and i get SHADOW RASHAKUKEN every time. How is this possible? The game obviously knows i did the move correctly, or Shadow rashakuken wouldn’t come out. Whats going on?

I Have had this problem to. What you could do is turn on Combo Assist, then customize it so the only thing on is the one-button-ultra. There is no shame in doing so and I know I will use it whenever I play a character with a DP motion for an ultra (I’m looking at you, Fulgore).

Dont use 3p button…use all 3 punch buttons as in - X,Y, RB

that just doesnt make sense. you’re saying that the 3punch button is only broken for one character?

no… alot of charcter if you use the 3p button you wil get a shadow move instead… i used to have that problem with omen while doing shadow flurry …i would end up getting the shadow teleport

Same with Shago… Id ont use 3p button because i would get shadow DP instead of Ultra… i use all 3 button and get ULTRA EVERY TIME…IT NEVER MISSES… EVER

Im just saying what works for me… But i use Omen 90% of the time and I have never had this issue your having with the ultra so… its not broken

I use LB and it work everytime.

And? i never said it was broken… I just said if your having issues then use all 3 buttons.
The ultra is not broken. The shadow is not broken. Its just a finicky shared button that can trigger either or.

So how are you supposed to press all 3 buttons on a controller at exactly at the same time? Really difficult.

The Xbox One controller has LB mapped to PPP and LT mapped to KKK by default.

Well you gotta get some practice in. Pressing both X and Y with the thumb can be difficult to do, but not too much. But I leraned from playing Cody in USF4 (EX Zonk is kinda hard to do).

I know. I was asking how you actually do all 3 buttons individually? I can do the two buttons but can’t time the bumber/trigger right.

Get a fight stick lol…you could change you button configuration and set it up vertical instead of horizontal…but I do know that Omens Ultra isnt broken.