Is multiplayer still down?

About a year ago, KI online stopped working for pc. I tried for 3 weeks to go online but couldn’t. Xbox support just said to contact the developers.

The developers never helped. I spoke to 3 friends that got the game around that time and they confirmed the online didnt work for them either.

I dropped the game and figured I’d come back after they fixed it. I fired up the game now, a year or more later and matchmaking still doesn’t work. Is this game offline only now and was it never fixed?

Right now matchmaking is fixed, it happened like 3 weeks ago.

But it was down for like 1 and half of a month.

Weird. Looks like my copy is glitched then. Thanks for the help. At least I can play against the a.i

Have you patched it? Windows Store can cause problems, unless you own a steam ver, then I have no idea what is wrong.

I have the windows 10 version. I can connect to servers and search for match. I just never find one. Last time I tried i left it searching for 6 hours. when i came back it was still searching. is the online community still active?

Yes it is, sometimes you need to restart the queue or the game, idk, I hope it will help You.

Sounds like something is wrong on your end. MP has only been down 2 months tops… I dont recall it being down a year ago and it def wasnt down for a year straight. it works fine as of today. Something is wrong with your set up. iM sure someone here can help you with PC stuff…but I have no PC knowledge.

Ah so it’s working. This is the only game I’m having issues with. I can play sfv and mvci fine. Maybe I have a defective copy.

Thanks again and take care. I’ll try again some other time. cheers

edit Just did a quick google search. I’m not the only one that cant play online. Some people never got it to work either so there is deff a defect with the windows copy

It’s more of the Windows 10 version being finicky with PCs. There’s lots of hoops people have to jump through b/c Windows Store is trash. I hope you find a way around it. Could check the forums for potential solutions.

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You might want to restart Teredo client

Teredo client issue would be my guess. The online as a whole has definitely been up during the timeframe you’re describing, and the online userbase is quite active. Back in the States I couldn’t play on the Win10 version due to Teredo issues. Haven’t had similar problems in Singapore for whatever reason though. :confused:

I’d recommend googling some of the Teredo fix options and seeing if doing any of those help you. Sorry you’re having issues. :frowning_face:


WTH is Teredo? LOL

I googled it…maybe try making sure this port listed below is open?

Teredo is a temporary measure. In the long term, all IPv6 hosts should use native IPv6 connectivity. Teredo should be disabled when native IPv6 connectivity becomes available. Christian Huitema developed Teredo at Microsoft, and the IETF standardized it as RFC 4380. The Teredo server listens on UDP port 3544.

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What I do and it often fixes my problems is go to cmd or Windows Powershell (pff) and type:
int teredo
set state disabled
int ipv6
set teredo client
I hope it might help You, good luck

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Thanks for the help guys. Still no luck. I have a teredo adress and the status is moderate.
I was thinking of buying the steam version to avoid the windows and microsoft platforms, but they say steam only has crossplay on exhibition. steam ranked servers are seperate from windows 10 and xbox players.

In any event thanks for the help. let you know if I manage to get it to work

I play on win10 with no probs at all now that the servers are back. If you do get the steam version, you’ll easily find exhibition matches, and can always ask for games here or the KI Ultimate Fan facebook group. Good luck!

Try this.
Click start
Type cmd
Click the program called Command Prompt
The type ipconfig /flushdns

If you haven’t already. Reinstall on Windows 10 or verify cach on Steam if the above doesn’t work.

Lastly if all else fails. I would check your routers NAT type. KI is not played online as it used to be. So make sure your NAT type is open to allow more players to be connected too.