Is mental drainage considered when rebalancing?

I love Fulgore, have been playing him since the first KI came out.

Yet, I find KI3 Fulgore very “mind consuming” to play, as I get really tired after 4-5 matches, with my performance dropping to a point where either I have to stop playing or switch to another character.

Is it only me? Maybe it’s connected to the fact I usually get to play after a hard-work day, 1-2 times a week, but well, Fulgore is demanding IMO.


ya, if you don’t mix up your options he’s an easy break. that’s why you gotta keep pressure, overhead and manual the heck outta everything. teleport whifs are my favorite :blush:. jago has a more mentally draining patience game than fulgore does. heck what about cinder? or rash and all his craziness

I think balancing is done with characters being played optimally, after all tournaments are FT2, then FT3 and even grand finals with a reset is at most 10 games. Either way, pros should be able to play without mind fatigue taking that much of a factor.

Having said that, the more unusual your character, the more mental fatigue it will cause. Fulgore has got a unique shadow meter, Aria has 3 bodies and 3 health bars and 3 sets of specials, Eyedol is 2 characters in one, etc. You can always play err… I don’t want to offend anybody’s choice of main.

Thunder, Rash, Wulf, Shinsako and a few others

welcome in the no brain city characters world.:grinning: at last it paid at the end for him. then just be happy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Mental drain comes from learning a character, trying to produce results, assessing and improving those results too much. Either that or you yourself are under stress. I play Fulgore as casually as you can. My manuals on point, mixups fluent, but I main him and have played him for nearly 3 years now. I don’t have to think anymore, just react. Once you get there, the mental block leaves.