Is LTE Internet suitable for fighting games?

I am actively searching for new ISP because my current one is awful.

I dont have much options in my location. I am in reach of LTE Internet which is provided by my cellphone network.

A salesman said I would have around 35mb/s speed, dynamic IP with NAT closed.

Routers he offered me are Huawei LTE B315S-22 or ZTE MF283+

My questions are:

1.Is Internet like this even suitable for fighting games?
2.Is it possible to unlock ports on aforementioned routers or at least purchasing a model that allows it?
3.Is it better to have faster Internet with closed NAT or significantly slower with opened NAT?

NAT closed is a deal breaker. NAT should be open for playing ANY games online with other people.


Yeah you need NAT to be open.

I’m not entirely sure what closed NAT means in this context, although I’m inclined to agree with the previous posters. I’m an amateur at this, but my understanding is that NAT (Network Address Translation) is something that the router does so that your network only has a single outward facing IP address but data can come in and then he parceled out to each device by the router. If the router allows you to hook up multiple devices then it has to be using some kind of NAT. But again, I’m not sure how this really works.

I think the best thing to do is find someone who uses the service and find out if it works for gaming.

As far as the more general question, is a slower more open connection or faster closed connection better… one thing people are often confused about is the relationship of download speed to gaming performance. Games only need 2.5Mbps or so if download to perform optimally. Maybe this has gone up since I really studied it - so let’s say 5Mbps. Any extra bandwidth you have can improve performance if someone opens an email while you are gaming etc, but the download speed is more for files than gaming itself. You also need a relatively decent upload speed, although last I checked anything above 1.5Mbps was considered optimal. But you should get your upload speed number just in case.

What matters most for gaming (and they don’t tell you on the commercials), though, is ping and consistency. I might be concerned about this with LTE since it is a broadcast network through the air you might experience a lot of variation and delay. This doesn’t matter for surfing the web, but it will matter a lot for fast twitch gaming.

TL;DR you don’t need super amounts of bandwidth to game. You need low ping and a stable connection. LTE could work but I have doubts.

Again I’m pretty out of date in my knowledge of this stuff so don’t take my numbers as gospel.

EDIT: PS good luck. Shopping for internet sucks and you are often just stuck with what is available.

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Thank you for responses.

The most gripping question is, are there any ways to open NAT if I decided to go with this LTE offer?

My options where I live are legit fked -.-

I googled you up a few resources.

A lot of people say “no” right off the bat but there are plenty of other people claiming they are able to do it. The NAT might be a problem.

In the end it is your choice. Try it, and if it lags then don’t play. If the lag doesn’t bother you then ok. It can’t be any worse than someone who turnes a good connection into a bad one, because they feel then need to stream everytime they play.

If all you are doing is playing online (not streaming or anything) 35mps is more than enough to play. Idk about NAT stuff though, so I would listed to these ^ guys who do lol

35mbps is definitely more than enough, but that’s not going to matter with a closed NAT if you can’t open it. Furthermore, data rates/overages will be incredibly expensive on top of that, and these kinds of deals come with crap for data limits…

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You need NAT open or you can’t connect with others to play multiplayer games. See if you can find a option with NAT open if not your not going to be playing online sorry.

Here’s a good quick and dirty explanation of NAT that I got from an internet message board. The short version is this is something controlled by the router rather than the ISP. So if you can’t access your routers controls then you aren’t likely to be able to set it up to work with Xbox One. But plenty of people indicate that you can get a closed NAT to use a DMZ (de-militarized zone) where it essentially opens the ports to one device on the network. This might be an option for you.

EDIT: the diagrams didn’t come through so I took them out. But this still gives the gist.

I live in an area with poor internet service and I used my mobile hotspot as my primary internet for the better part of a year. Luckly I had unlimited data through my job and fantastic reception at my house.

Playing KI over 4G LTE seemed fine most of the time for me. There was one week where the lag was unbearable during the evening but it eventually cleared up.

When there was not much congestion on the mobile network, the lag and download speeds were comparable to my 20MB fiber optic connection that I had at my prior residence.

I had to give up the unlimited data because my company switched to cell phone stipends. Now I am rocking a 1MB dsl connection. :frowning: I’d take the 4G LTE network over that any day if I could get unlimited data that doesn’t get throttled.

Thank you all for responses, I am necroing this thread because I still need a little help, but I am close to making a decision.

My questions are:

1.Is 50GB of monthly limit enough for online games? I dont download much.
2.Anybody more enlightened mind suggesting best router model? There are so many of them I am only more confused with time.