Is Killer Instinct now Mature (Rating), Due in Part to Eyedol Design?

Up until this point, outside of some pretty intense blood FX, KI is said to be quite tame with its Teen Rating (Not my words or anyone else’s! Just general rumblings I get from different forums), and has been a point of conjecture for a lot of players wanting a return of fatality style no-mercies, and more revealing costumes for characters (When’s my bronzed God, loin cloth wearing Aganos becoming a reality!?).

Eyedol’s design (Love it! Anyone who disagrees is a communist! There I said it!), is anything BUT tame! The cut right down the middle of his face is pretty grotesque (and creative!). Plus, some excited eagle eye’d fans have noticed the new Definitive Edition case has a mighty M rating on the front cover.

What I’m getting at is, with these new revelations, do forum goers see a change in tide when it comes to mature content? Do you think there is now more of a chance for No-Mercies or classic costumes (thinking KI2 Orchid) to become reality? Is this the first step in that direction? And if so, how do you feel about it?

As usual, if you totally disagree and are disgusted by my mere mention of this topic, feel free to lob a Tusk sized claymore at my head, and I’ll do my best not to dodge it.

Love you all, like Sadira loves spiders!

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That is because KI 1 and 2 are included in the disc, which were M-rated so the overall collection needs to be rated that way.


You know Dooby, I didn’t even consider that! Thank you! We’ll maybe my theory is ruined from the get-go lol


Yeah the M rating is for the old games. And there really isn’t anything about Eyedol’s design that would require an M rating. Maybe if there was blood dripping out of the heads or something but as it is now it looks more cartoon-y than gory.


Thanks for the info guys :slight_smile:

Maybe I should cancel this topic then? Didn’t even know the classic game were in the DE.

Although it was pretty metal to watch the chunks between his head pulsate during the trailer. That caught me off gaurd

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Wonder if that means they may actually add more mature themes like Ultimates and No Mercy’s. There no longer is a benefit in being Teen because the oldee games force it to have an M rating. Might as well make use of the new freedom.

The reason they didn’t do ultimates isn’t because of the ratings but the absurd amount of resources and animation and stage changes that needs to be done wasn’t worth it considering the other things that could have been done instead.


With the stage going pitch black and disappearing, maybe there’s a sliver of a chance that it could happen. Not any time soon though.

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Actually, now that they have Shadow Jago’s rigged to work on any stage, they have the framework set up for any character. That being said, it would require a lot of new animations and sfx work that ultimately(lol puns) wouldn’t really earn them any revenue unless they put ultimates behind a paywall.

It is still very possible, but the real question is: is it worth their time at the moment?

There’s a double standard for gore and nudity when it comes to monsters.

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This sort of thing seems to demonstrate a kind of laid-back maturity, despite words like these

hinting at an all-too-familiar obsessive childlike reverence for content that your parents might not want you to be exposed to. I mean, which one are you?

(In the following, the word p.o.r.n is blotted out by the swear filter several times.)

But seriously, do you get why some people might get exasperated at topics like these? It’s rare that any of us are really apprehensive about gore or sex in a game. There is Infilament who has said he wouldn’t be playing if the game leaned into gory ultimates, and there are people who want to play KI with their (young) kids without being too concerned about what they’re exposing them to, but most people these days are probably plenty familiar with ■■■■ and violence to the point of being unfazed by the stuff, most people play something like Gears or Quake without blinking at the incidental gibs. The main problem is that the people who seem desperate for it to make the cut in KI seem to be pushing for this *low guttural breathy tone* edgy view of seriousness and maturity that’s apparently all-important, whether it gels with KI’s current creative direction or not, and it’s more cringeworthy than a bunch of pale 15-year-olds decked out in Hot Topic clothing who think KoRn is like the best band ever.

My main issue with thong unitard Orchid is, again, it’s a time-and-place thing.

I want girls to get into gaming. What I’ve noticed from my time participating in various male-dominated hobbies and subcultures (gaming, STEM, metal…) is that it turns guys into creepy social degenerates, it causes the phenomenon of nerd rush every time a girl shows up in the room, it makes some guys come up with asinine bullshit like ladder theory. And whilst a big part of what keeps women out of gaming is cultural conditioning and social barriers, things like female characters wearing bikini armor in a game for no good reason other than devs assuming that dudes need constant sexual gratification play a part in the problem as well. At the very least I want the women among my friends and family to be able to look over my shoulder at what I’m playing without me having to feel (rightly) embarrassed for the games I’m playing.

Also, tbh, having corporations use sex to manipulate my purchasing decisions is tiring. If I want sex in my media I’ll go watch ■■■■. KI isn’t ■■■■, it’s a fighting game. If it doesn’t serve the creative direction of the game, leave it out. KI2 Orchid washing a car doesn’t serve the creative direction of that game, it’s a corporation using sex to keep the quarters flowing. It’s dumb and cringey and we should be better than it.


Awesome post @Fnrslvr! Really well thought out!

Yeah also like @VergoVan mentioned, there seems to be a double standard when it comes to violence and sex in media. Muddies the water on the issue even more. I could see more gore coming to KI before something like Orchid’s old flashing no-mercy for instance. Will these things return in the future? Who knows? Do we need them? Some would argue yes, others will say leave them in past. It’s definitely a point of debate for the community.

Great posts everyone!

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My thoughts exactly.