Is KI 1 and 2 also going to be on PC?


With the Definitive Edition being released on PC, I sincerely hope that means the first two KI games will be ported over too. I got bought Ultra Combo packs for the first two seasons on Xbox One under the assumption I’d be able to play the first two KI games on PC, as well.


Надежда остаётся, то есть даже достаточная уверенность, ведь замаячили же новые персонажи на горизонте, тогда почему бы и не добавить КИ1 и КИ2 в ПК-версию.


FallofSeraphs76, why developers have not released PC-port KI1&KI2 (not HD) on March 29, 2016?


I think two reasons:

1.Nobody plays KI1 and 2 on consoles, so they assumed even less ppl would play it on PC
2.These games can be easily emulated.


I guess because there is no money in re-porting 2 classic games to give away for free. Its not worth it for MS to pay code mystics to make both games for PC. Apparently when they port a game over to a different console they basically have to rebuild the game. Just like MS is doing with Backwards compatibility. They are remaking the game for xbox one and it takes time and resources… thats my best guess.


Killer Instinct Classic coming to PC with Xbox One Cross-play Platform
Allowing us to play on Xbox against PC players anywhere cross-platform

Vote here on xbox feedback site


Dear developers! One year passed after the release of the PC version of Killer Instinct. When will the classic games on the PC with their online multiplayers?! Answer please!!!


They said that the PC version will not have the classic KI games. You can probably find an emulator though.


He’s wanting it to have online multiplayer. Mame doesn’t do that, at least if it does it wouldn’t be easy to set up.
Although via Mame you get an unedited version of the classics and all the Nintendo references are still in the game. So trade off??

Plus the Mame one technically isn’t legal.


In May 2018 Сapсom will release FOUR old games “Street Fighter” with online multiplayer for PC. Why you still can not release just TWO classic “Killer Instinct” for a PC with online multiplayer??!!


More people play 3rd Strike on Fightcade than KI on Steam. This is your answer.


It’s just one game out of four. Therefore, this is not the answer.


This is just a guess, but Code Mystics, the company that ported KI1 & 2 to the XB1, likely were only contracted to do that port, and after their contract was up they moved on to other projects and haven’t been available to port it to PC, plus nowadays there is very little demand for a PC port of those 2 games.

Personally, as much as I like KI 1 & 2, I already have them on my arcade cabinet via MAME. But then again I really don’t care about online multiplayer for those 2 games.


I understand that it does not really concern WrathOfFulgore, but online multiplayer in “Street Fighter 2: Hyper Fighting” & “Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo” does not bother anyone at all! Nevertheless, it is done.


I prefer to have no bugs ki1 and ki2 before ki3. I’m saddened that they have not taken it out on pc :frowning:


That’s right… Most recently they made a remastered version of AgeOfEmpires1. They are going to make a remaster of the second and third parts. And it would be very cool if they did the same with KI1 and KI2. But, frankly speaking, it’s enough and ordinary porting, as on XBOne.