Is Jago worth maining?

Now after 3.7 people said he would get hard but he is still easy to use but is he worth getting to level 50?

If you have fun with using a character, it is always worth it to get that character to level 50.


You should take every opportunity to learn about each character in the game. It gives you a basis of what to look for in neutral and helps develop your game plan against said character when you face them in a fight.

With Jago’s adjustments in 3.7, you can’t expect a simple wind kick to get you in anymore because you should be punished. You have to learn how to play grounded and walk forward.

Let me repeat that one more time.

Walk. Forward. Not forward dashing, not jumping in, using your fireball and walking forward with an unexpected wind kick every now and then to keep them honest (light version, cough, cough).


Still one of the best in the game.

It’s hard. But it’s more rewarding to win now. Making right decisions mid match to secure a victory has never felt better with Jago.

Sure, I’m still pissed about the nerfs but that’s just anyone for you who sees their beloved main get hit with a decrease in certain elements of their playstyle.

His colors are beautiful all the way up to 50, he is fun to use with fundementals in mind and his manuals are amongst the best in the game.

I’d say go for it :thumbsup:

Jago’s still fun and he’s still really good - I definitely recommend picking him up :thumbsup:


Best way to find out is to pick them up and try 'em out! No matter where someone is on the totem pole, the most important thing is getting comfortable with using them and having fun!

He’s still and will pbly always be a strong character. He’s just not captain brainless anymore


Only pay him if you have “fundamentals”

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