Is Its Bad You Get Punished For Blocking Maya?

Anyone else think that its dumb that you get punished by blocking Maya? Here is how I would fix it. Instead of gaining pips on blocked dagger hits she gains them by doing a new linker with the daggers she can do in combos. Each time a linker is successfully done she gets pips based on the strength of the linker.

HOWEVER! Now here’s the catch. The pips she gained during that combo can’t be used to cash out the ender. She can build them up end the combo and save them for the next combo. So say you build 3 pips total in the first combo and in the next one you got 2. You cash out using the previous 3 you built up and save the remaining 2 for later damage.

Nah, it’s not as bad as you think. First of all, you’re NOT getting punished for blocking her daggers - she just gets special bonuses if you do, and ONLY if she throws both of them with HP. You also have to remember that unless she’s in instinct, she still has to go through the trouble of retrieving her daggers - and without them, she loses a LOT of her abilitites. It’s when she has to retrieve them that you can really punish her. For example, she throws her daggers at my Aganos, which would then be blocked by me and as a result, they fly behind her. She then attempts to backdash to retrieve them only to get punished by my natural disaster into full-combo punish.

As for your idea, she wouldn’t get the pips fast enough to really use them effectively, which would be a huge nerf to the character as is (as in too huge of a nerf). Considering you can take someone’s entire life-bar in just 2-3 combos, I think your idea wouldn’t really be worth it.

I believe she’s pretty darn wicked for having poor block and knockdown tools in favour of forcing you to move, be hit or give up pips.
I really enjoy watching Omen and Maya players that are all in.

Any ideas on making a similar but new character?

My opinion

I feel like we’re all beating a dead horse now.

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