Is it possible to transfer artifacts/items from storage to barracks?

I’ve got a ton of crafted items in storage. When I buy packs, they are immediately available for use/equipping in barracks. When I craft items, they are sometimes available for use/equipping in barracks. Most of the time, the available slots for items that could be equipped are mostly empty. Does the game limit the number of items you can have available to equip? Or am I being really dense and not figuring out how to (simply?) transfer items from storage to barracks?

There’s no limit to the number of items that I know of, but some items can only be used in the War Room Loadout Select as opposed to being equippable In the Barracks.

Doesn’t make the most sense, but it’s like having an extra item slot for equipping in a way.

There are three types of items you can use:

There are consumables that you bring into your mission when you choose to fight or deploy. They’re a one time use for that mission and can be selected alongside the Guardian and character you choose to use. If you choose to deploy, it’ll be subtracted from your inventory whether you succeed or fail. If you choose to fight, the consumable won’t take effect until you choose to use it. If you decide to not use it during the fight, it won’t be subtracted from your inventory. This also applies in multi fight missions, however you only get ONE copy of your consumable. If you choose to use it during one fight, it won’t be available for the next.

The next type are Barrack consumables. These are one time use and can only be selected in your Barracks. These include things like Health scrolls, Spider Pendents, Instinct Scrolls and Resurrection items. Keep in mind that the higher tier items for Instinct and Shadow meter tend to be artifacts that will grant you full bars at the beginning of each of your missions. Choosing to fight or deploy in a mission will deplete the Instinct and Shadow meter you’ve accumulated for that character, regardless if you fail or succeed.

The last type of item is an artifact. These are items that can be equipped to your characters that provide various effects for a set amount of turns. Every character can have up to four artifacts at a time, however you can NOT have more than ONE tier of the artifact you’re using equipped at a time. You can’t stack things like Nanobots, Demon Talismans, Shadow Lord Artifacts, etc. Certain characters also have built in artifacts, such Kim Wu, Eyedol, Mira and Tusk that last for the entirety of the run and can’t be unequipped. It’s also important to note that Artifacts will also contribute to your Deployment success rate, much like Guardians and consumables do. If a character dies, any artifacts they had equipped will be lost and they will not be returned to your inventory nor will they return to the character if you choose to revive them.

Anything that doesn’t fall under these categories is usually an item that’s only used for crafting or for fulfilling quest requirements, such as Eyedols parts, Stalker beacons, etc.

As stated above, there is no limit to how many items you can have in your inventory. If something is usable, you’ll either see it in your Barracks while you’re not deploying or fighting, or it’ll appear in the consumable menu between the character Guardian you’re going to use.

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