Is it possible to get a refund for the Supreme Edition?

Hi I just want to know if its possible to get a refund for the supreme edition of KI.

if so how? I bought yesterday.


You can not, its in the xbox TOS that purchases are final, unless there’s something extreme to warrent a refund

wow well that sucks.

I actually didn’t realize the Bronze league was plagued with smurfs, same issue CS GO has. Therefore the ranks are not fair.

There was a full ranking reset yesterday for the Season 3 launch. So nearly everyone is in bronze right now. The system will work itself out in a few days as people separate into where they should be.


you can wait a little longer, play non ranked, or better yet, just learn the game, youll find someoene you can beat people with

Aaah I see thanks @TheKeits I didn’t realize the reset happened yesterday.

Well this explains a lot. I will wait it out.

It’s not smurfs ( though there probably are some) remember everyone rank was reset. So the gamers behind the ranks aren’t who they “really” are at the moment. Just be patient give it a few days.

Edit Keits beat me to it.

I have yet to start the road to Killer again myself so I’m kind of glad that I haven’t a little.

Your taking crap!..Everyone’s been getting refunds for Gears of War UE because its a complete broken port…all you need to do is type “Support” into the cortana search bar and click it and it’ll open a portal to speak to support…from there explain you kindly would like a refund for the game and explain your reason…you as well as all customers have 30 days to request a refund…i had to do this for GOW UE lastnight and it went through effortlessly…I’m still undecided by this game because the framerate is messed up and its keeps crashing every few minutes…

He actualyl isn’t, its in the xbox terms of service (Which you agree to when you make a gamertag) That there is no refunds. They aren’t supposed to give them. They do though.

Yes, but this game works for him fine, you can’t get a refund because people are better than you online, that’s like trying to return a car people people drive better and faster than you do, rather than the wheel fell off.


I love this comparison :grin:

well here in the UK its UK Law we have our 30 days satisfaction guarantee on all Sales of digital goods, that was implemented by the government last october because of the Valve Steam court case! That’s partly why Steam introduced the now Refund system but still UK law regardless of if its Steam or Windows Store…The Law is the Law and all companies need to get in line if they want to continue to do business in our Region!

Also the amount of people over the weekend who purchased Gears of War UE on Windows 10 were all over the official forums asking how to get refunds because there no community to play with online and literally everyone’s already gotten refunds for the game…some even refunded just to boycott the sales of such a badly broken port being sold to consumers!

Relax, this is a seperate issue and matter and Adam already reassured the person of the changes so all is good.

Not sure what this no community thing is about, because I was playing the other night and found plenty of matches, so “literally” isn’t the correct term to use and just because use steam introduced a refund policy doesn’t mean everyone has and actually steam was in the ■■■■ for not implementing the refunds in Australia so it’s not like steam are all high and mighty, and there’s requirements for that like amount of time played. And still a refund is not in my eyes enough because you get beat online. Also fairly sure xbox live still says no refunds on all items when you buy them, so the “law being the law” can be exempt if their legalaties are in check and what you agree to when you make the purchase of digital goods