Is it possible to beat Godlike Gargos with Jago, Omen, and Kim Wu?

The thread title says it all. I haven’t fought an opponent this tough in ages! Seriously, I question if it is actually possible to do.

I’d say that’s a good team, yeah. I think there’s a better choice for Kim’s slot, but if you’re committed to that you can do it.

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Here’s how horribly wrong it went 3 months ago. I like to think I do okay/good at this game, but dang. XD

(If it doesn’t skip ahead correctly, the fight against Gargos starts at 1H 6M 35S in.)

Did you really expect to beat Gargos on Godlike with Common and Rare guardians?

Also, other Gargos matchup skill you gotta learn too. Be patient, kill the minions, etc.


Well…looking back, it was silly, huh? See, I only expected him to be about…say, 50 percent tougher than Challenging, but it came out to more like 200 percent tougher. Patience has also never been my forte, but I will take your advice to heart, and do what I can to win.

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As @SonicDolphin117 already said, you are needing better guardians. I main Omen and always have him in my team, he alone takes more than 60% of Gargos life, at normal mode he kills Gargos alone very often. But I equip on him the artifact that reduces life (very OP - don’t know the name in english - not even portuguese my native language lol but is a little gold coffin), crimsom Fractured Ward (if you don’t have, equip a killer guardian or an epic guardian with the KI logo 'cause they are stronger than normal epics) and artifacts of ATK, DEF and Potential Damage at meele attacks. As consumable item the gun who gives to you shadow for the entire battle.

At start use the item and it’s almost done. Use Shadow Rashakukens and Shadow Orda all the time to cover Omen and gives damage to the minions. Omen alone has one of the best shadow gain (actually I think it’s the best) of the game, your shadow meter becomes infinite. Also use shadow links all the time too, mainly his kicks who throws some Hashakukens. With all this Omen alone will leave Godlike Gargos almost dead to the rest of party or he’s already dead.

Omen… He can beat Gargos on godlike with all of his 5 buffs on.

Omen with Vampire Bat is my go to character if I need to beat high level AI in SL.