Is it possible for Dragon Counter + Instinct Cancel to replicate a Daigo "EVO moment #37" moment?

Of course, I’m referring to this:

I recognize that one barrier to this would be that KI doesn’t have Super Arts or straight-up super combos (unless you count Shadow Jago’s Annihilation), but exactly how feasible would this be and how close would it be to the above footage? @TheKeits @Infilament help me out here?

It didn’t seem so, as Kim looks like it’s a Single Hard Read Parry. I believe Keits stated also (I may be wrong) that the only way you can combo into that is Instinct Cancel. So I don’t think it will be on the level of Evo Moment #37, but I’m sure there will be something cool done about it.

I know. That’s why I mentioned “+ Instinct Cancel” in the title.

As an aside, does Dragon Counter have any potential red parry properties in blockstun (sort of like a Shadow Counter)?

I may have seen it cause Stagger, but I’d have to look at the footage again.

I got it. Kim Wu is extremely low on health and Kan-Ra decides to chip her out with Shadow Sand spike. Kim Parries each hit and instinct cancels into stuff and boom.


This move is not a parry. It does not return you to neutral upon success.


That’d be pretty cool. :grin:

Ah. Gotcha. (Though, I could have sworn I heard the term “parry” thrown around multiple times on the stream.)

Does it negate chip damage, or is it like an armor move where you’ll take damage but continue with your momentum intact?

It is a counter like Hisako’s. Her’s triggers an attack. Kim’s triggers a Dragon explosion that causes a Stagger but leaves her -/+0

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Butnwhat if the opponent’s stuff is really unsafe? Like a Dp or something? What if you “parry” a doublefireball?

So it causes damage & stagger, but not quick enough to continue attacking after the Dragon Explosion.

Correct? Or am I wrong?

It does negate chip damage though right?

Yeah, Hisako’s counter takes no damage, it’s basically the same concept, different result.

Loooove hisakos counter confirmation! Gets me all giddy

Can’t wait for Kim’s awesome reversals

It doesn’t matter how unsafe their move was, because you’ve put them into a stagger that leaves you +/- 0. They aren’t finishing the whiff/block recovery of their move.

Again, its not a 3rd strike parry. You get a Dragon, you go back to neutral, the end.

Oh. It’s a counter that staggers. It suddenly makes more sense. I thought it was an absorb that can only absorb one hit and leaves you neutral somehow. Thanks for the clear up. Now how does it work on shadow moves? I guess I will figure it out when she releases.