Is it me or is Aganos super buffed on armor?

i can barely get a hit let alone an opener for petes sake, i thought a blocked hit was suppose to take 1 hit per rock ,and it doesnt register???

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Blocking an attack will not take a chunk away from Aganos, you only remove chunks if you hit Aganos. You can ignore armor with throws and grounded Heavy normals this season, you just need to space yourself right to punish any moves Aganos makes, and its not as easy as it sounds.

And hitting Aganos in air also bypasses armor iirc.

Just to reiterate, to remove/ignore armor, you can:

  1. use fast, multi-hitting attacks (such as with shadow attacks),
  2. use grounded, heavy normal attacks,
  3. throw him, and
  4. hit him out of the air.

It’s usually best to wait for the golem to make an easily punishable mistake, such as when you block a natural disaster or ruin. Also, his shadow pulverize is easily shadow-counterable at ANY point during the move, since it’s so slow, so capitalize on that. Furthermore, since he only has 2 lows and 2 overheads (outside of jumping attacks), he’s really easy to defend against - simply block low and be mindful if he gets close enough to attempt a throw or his close s.MP overhead attack. Otherwise, the only way he can hit you with an overhead is with a peacemaker (which he has to get 1st), or with a well-timed natural disaster jump (which is easy to block).


Do you mean normally or in shadow lords? Because in SL he goes from being a wall to a mountain in terms of armor.

Spam throw him or jump kick when he jumps. Shadow moves also help, but don’t do it when he has shadow meter.

It amuses me when people say their character only has (enter number greater than one) lows or overheads.

Why? Is it because other characters don’t have many either?

Sort of, at least your character has an overhead. The very fact that there is a factor greater than one, means you have options, right?

Only in certain scenarios though…

Again, at least he has overheads, and his standing forward (?) MP isn’t only available in certain scenarios, right?

It’s his close standing MP, so it has to be close (usually within throw range).

Okay. I don’t understand the hang up. You always have access to it inside that range, a range you would use the majority of overheads anyway.

At that range, Aganos doesn’t have a meaningful low threat, so there really isn’t any mixup to speak of. He’s either out of range for overhead, or he can only do overhead. (He can do sweep from close range but it kinda sucks and is easily fuzzyable/reactable)

That said, Aganos’s overhead is fast so it will still catch people who are sleeping a little bit.

Pretty much what Infilament said.

The true power of overheads is when they provide a mix up against the opponent. Because Aganos lacks fast lows he can use at that range his overhead still doesn’t provide a solid mixup.

Also the fact that armor can be ignored by grounded heavies really makes having more then 2 rocks a bad thing in this season. So many good and fast heavies out there to really punish him for slow down.

Could you imagine if armor was like it was in S2? There’d be enough salt to keep the sifto miners busy for months.

Def you

The good news is that even with a lot of chunks, it doesn’t slow down your ability to block. :slight_smile:

…although EVERYTHING else is definitely slowed. If I have 3 or 4, I immediately offload them as walls or payload chunks to pressure my opponent.

Yeah, gotta offload them fast I find. Mostly I only try to get up to 3 from a combo so I can then quickly throw down a wall.

Nah, I’ll end a combo with 4 (especially in between rounds), simply because it does more damage than the lvl. 3 ender AND gives him more options to work with.