Is it just me? Or does the new stage lighting

… revert to the old stage lighting just after the victory pose and before the results pop up? It’s like a second, but it’s noticeable IMO.

I think the engine “turn off” some effect before showing the results…but it always been like that.
Other than alpha levels, some transparencies, etc, you could see also that Eyedol thunders emanating from his mace change from smooth to a little bit jagged.

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Oh, so it’s not just me. It does look a tad odd.

yeah. I’m always like. Oh Yes! That’s how it’s supposed to look!!! lol

Yeah I’ve noticed this and been annoyed by it for a while. Always flickers for a second like the contrast is turned off or something. Wonder why they can’t fix it…

In before someone throws out the budget excuse.

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