Is it a bad matchup for Kilgore against certain rundown characters?

I’m not super good at KI or anything so I wouldn’t know this but I always seem to perform really poorly against fast rushdown characters like hisako or sabrewulf. I just recently picked up Kilgore and I’m trying to see if I should main him cuz he seems fun. But if I’m going to be at a great disadvantage because of my character’s playstyle I’d like to know. So does anyone know if Kilgore is somewhat screwed in certain matchups or do I just need to git gud?

I’m pretty sure teleporting characters will be a pain for him. And also I believe that if he is used correctly Wulf has little chance against him.

You need to utilize the broken teleport move. You can disappear and reappear to avoid throw and pokes and then come out of it with his down MP upper cut or his light DP.
And when you are over heating use it to get them off you just like Kan ra does with sand explosion.
Also use his metal ball to move across the screen quickly, just dont let it get blocked, its super unsafe.
Manage your bullets between missiles so you stay cool and keep your distance.
Do lots of the oki stuff where you jump straight up, land and throw, or air kick, or land and hit crouching LK, ect…keep em guessing.

Learn his shadow ball after DP or DP ender as a recapture.
Learn to light your opponent on fire and get that potential damage built up.

Quick poke to opener is important too… I do not recommend using light chain gun as a quick opener after poke… its too slow. Use metal ball.

Just keep practicing and if it works great if not, maybe your right about Kilgore and rush down.

Thanks for the tips!


Nah, I think Kilgore kinda beats generic rushdown. Learn to use the exhaust cancels to make stuff that would be unsafe safe or to your advantage - Kilgore is very difficult to approach for most characters. Hisako/Kilgore is a 5/5 match-up in my opinion, but it’s one of those rare fights where the opponent actually can run away from her.

And Kilgore’s teleport is only strike invincible, not throw invincible. It probably shouldn’t be your go-to wakeup against grapplers.