Is he strong without chunks of armor?

Does anyone feel that aganos can still be viable without armor? Fighting against him always feels like I’m fighting a wall that’s closing in on me, you do damage but it crushes you anyway. Not to mention the damage output when he puts you through walls, I feel it should be harder to do those things.

Never used him.
So thats at least my answer.

Short answer; no.

Aganos without any form of chunks would be stupid low tier. In terms of armor, it is essential for him considering how massive his hitbox is. He is naturally slow and has poor defensive options outside of meter. He doesn’t have natural projectiles unless he chunks up. Most of his chunks are used as resources opposed to armor, though usually one chunk of armor is best kept for safety measures. Walls, clubs, armor, projectiles all come from his armor, so he absolutely needs it because it revolves around his playstyle. There are ways to get around his armor like standing heavies or using multi-hitting moves where a punish is in place.

Next time you fight an Aganos, record it so I could help point you in the right direction. If it also helps, I can record a set against Geek. You still main Jago right?


I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say he’d have unwinnable match ups if it weren’t for the armor.


The problem with this is getting close to aganos without being hit or grabbed.

I’ll see if I can find some matches in the archives. I kind of switch characters now, no more mains but yeah jago is one character I still use.

What if the devs made it so 2 chunks can be used for armor and the other 2 for anything else?

Can’t all chunks be used for armor OR anything else? Your suggestion seems like it limits his options.

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Standing fierce will be your best friend in that situation. When I get home I will get some footage for you.

I’ll restore your faith in Jago :grin:

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Answer: no, Aganos is not strong without chunks of armor. He’s actually a really bad character without armor.

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Who are you struggling to get in with Vs Aganos? That’s the easier way to assess things. If you struggle with his armor, look for multi rapid hit punishes I.E.Shadow moves. Take chunks long range with projectiles.

I would agree with everyone else, without armor he would basically be terrible. While he has amazing normals, he would never contest any character with + frames or a projectile. He just isn’t fast enough.

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Jago, sabrewulf, glacius, thunder, sadira, spinal, fulgore, omen, kilgore, tusk and shin hisako.

Kilgore vs Aganos might be the most lopsided match in the whole game (in Kilgore’s favor). You don’t ever have to get in against him, you just keep him out. It’s a long boring match of attrition that Aganos really struggles to win.

This would be the same character. Most Aganos players won’t go over 2 chunks of armor anyway, since that’s where things start to get too slow for him and the extra armor doesn’t really help.

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Fulgore shouldn’t have to go in, but when he does a shenanigansy teleport->teleport-etc->overhead/sweep and destroy/throw/DP mixup will either strip his chunks or ignore them entirely. Seriously, this is one of the golem’s worst MU’s as well.

Some of the other characters you listed actually do have problems with Aganos, but neither of the Gore variants should have any issue with him at all.

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On this list really only Wulf and maybe Shin should struggle. Everyone else had ways to chip away armor from range or bypass it. Wulf shadow leap will be your friend in that one.

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There has not been a greater feeling in my KI time than to strip Aganos of his chunks and go absolutely ham on him.

Without chunks, he’s like a quarter of a grappler archetype and three-quarters ‘beefy normal’ dude.

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