Is Fulgore Sentient?

According to KI lore, ARIA is the words first sentient AI…is she the only one?

Fulgore is always characterized as a robot, not a thinking being, but just a programmable killing machine. Even after Eagle’s mind was appropriated into the Fulgore program, “Fulgore” is still looked at as a product, with seemingly no “spirit” of his own.

Anyway, what do you guys think? Is Fulgore a sentient being? Or is he just a robot with programming.

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I think he is sentient. Just having a fight between the machine with no free will and the human mind going on.

I think that sentiments and human componant is why he can fight better than most of the Fulgores can.

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Yes I thought the end of season 1’s story mode pretty much confirms it.

Not so much. The bios MS/IG released regards Fulgore as little more than a product, a dangerous product, but an object to be controlled none the less. With Eagle’s mind, Fulgore essentially gains the ability to process information better (?), more creatively (?), and the only ending that suggests that there may be more going on under the hood is his S1 ending with Orchid, but even then the story is murky as far as I can discern.

Yes and no.

He’s bound by his programming to do as he’s told but I think that HOW he does those things is somewhat free will, since they needed Eagle’s “fighting spirit” to make that model of Fulgore better, having the instinct and intuitive knowledge of fighting is a form of free will.

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So you’re saying that you think Fulgore / Eagle has “free will” as far as UT allows? That is a thought.

I was also just thinking about the cyborgs in MK, where they have their minds / souls, but they are suppressed by their cyborg programming. I guess this is similar to what you are saying.

So he is sentient, but ARIA and UT are holding him back…

There’s a thought. Who’s more powerful? ARIA, or a “free” Fulgore?

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From one of Fulgore’s story endings he starts to question his existence, as if he had a spirit inside him. I’m going to go with the idea that Eagle is inside Fulgore as the original body from the original KI games. Because Fulgore no.1 was made with Eagle and also wasn’t perfect Eagle is still in there somewhere with the potential to become aware and gain control of his new body. So in season 3 I think he could become a sentient being closer to a cyborg instead of AI.

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He has a human brain, so…

He’s basically no different from (pre-reboot) RoboCop.

In this new timeline, MK.1 Fulgore is completely a robot, and so is MK.2. Fulgore MK.3 is the experimental version who got Eagle’s brain. Eagle was the first and only human (that we know of) who was pulled into the Fulgore project.

@RogueSquirrel29 Fulgore doesn’t have a human brain, he has a radioactive “brain core” with in him. We don’t know exactly what they did to Eagle, but they didn’t just take his brain and put it in Fulgore, more like they downloaded him into the “brain core.”

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No. Fulgore is a CYBORG. Just like Cyrax, Sektor, etc… He’s a machine with human parts. (Human brain).
Thunder quests for Fulgore mk.3 to defeat him and give his brother Eagle the eternal rest.


we do not know “what” physically remains of Eagle inside Fulgore mk3

Maybe he was liquidised like Mass Effect reapers do to their victims.

In fact, every Reaper holds the same collective consciousness of the civilization he is formed from.

Maybe Fulgore is reaper tech lol.

IF somehow you don’t know what exactly is a cyborg you should watch this:

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According to the manual, fulgore is known to rebel. His core is also very unique since it has eagle in there. I’d say yes and no, but for sure there is definitely a ghost haunting that machine and glimpses can be seen while fulgore is active. When he rebels, that’s eagle winning the struggle, then back to normal.

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able to perceive or feel things.

Fulgore 2013 bio/story - Protocols reactivated. Enhanced system bootstrap complete. A new Fulgore prototype is online, with a singular directive: ELIMINATE ENEMIES TO ULTRATECH. However, the mind of the machine is different. It plans. It feels. It is aware. It is somehow… human.

Just based on that alone I would say yes.

His endings…
Spare Orchid, ULTRA Fulgore:

SYSTEM MALFUNCTION. KILLING BLOW ABORTED. How can a machine know mercy? Fulgore cannot ignore his imperative to destroy but human “memories” interfere with his machine logic. Unable to digest the echoes of a fighting spirit, Fulgore attempts to process his true nature.

Spare Fulgore, ULTRA Orchid:

PROTOTYPE. APPROVED. Echoes of a lost humanity have been purged from Fulgore’s systems. The sum of what remains is a merciless machine, driven to destroy. Without a cycle spared to savor his victories, Fulgore begins a search for his next adversary.

ULTRA Both Orchid and Fulgore:

Thousands of Fulgores have been created, only to be destroyed, remade, and improved upon… But this one is different. Individuality and independence now race through his circuits. Still a killing machine, Fulgore rejects his coded imperatives and ponders his next target.

His first ending seems to hint that he is sentient due to knowing mercy. His second one seems to be a what-if of what would happen if he manages to purge all of Eagle’s influence on him and doesn’t really say anything about if he feels or not. His third one mentions individuality and independence, him rejecting his coded imperatives and even him pondering his next opponent, meaning he actually thinks and is able to make his own decisions to some extent.

So his mini bio and 2 out of 3 endings imply he can either feel feelings and/or think and make decisions. So IMO the answer is yes.


Season one strongly hints that he ponders strange foreign feelings that no robot would exhibit. So he isn’t just a shell. Not only that but the reason for that special model fulgore was to get the “Killer Instinct” of a regular fighter so he does possess some human traits.

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I will now say that yes, this Fulgore can be considered to be MOST DEFINITELY a sentient being/character :wink:

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Thanks. It seems that though he is sentient, his bios are written, and his general character is portrayed, simply from a 3rd party perspective for effect. Hopefully at some point we get some story from his perspective, thus we can finally know what he thinks and how he feels.

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That is something I would really enjoy too. I don’t know how it would be done but I think seeing some of the story from his perspective would be really awesome, id like to know what is going on in that head of his lol