Is Far Standing HK a decent anti-air?

So in some of my more recent matches, a thought came to me. I have begun using far S.HK for Jago quite more often since it has been helping me in some of my matches when it comes to anti-airing. For me it was useful for situations where my opponent was in the air, but not close enough to get hit by Cr.HP, has decent distance, and it still beats armor. However with the many Jagos I fight, I don’t see it used as often.

Now obviously personal experience =/= in general. So I ask the Jago players (or anyone willing to chime in), is far S.HK a decent AA in general? If so, do you think Jago players should use this more? If not, care to explain why?


Yes, it’s a good anti-air, for more-or-less the reasons you’ve mentioned.

It also cancels into laser sword for juggles that are well worth learning, which hit harder than follow-up juggles from a launcher, and can either be cashed out with shadow DP for reasonable damage (used to be higher before the damage nerfs) or ended with a sweep or a flipout for oki.