Is EVERYTHING offensive and politically incorrect?

So is EVERYTHING considered offensive and politically incorrect especially nowadays? Or that depends on CERTAIN individuals and groups of people? Also does it depend on how they PERCEIVE things and overall based on their own PERCEPTIONS as well as INTERPRETATIONS?

Plus nowadays oversensitivity is becoming quite rampant and we are living in a era of political correctness too, am I correct?


Sounds about right to me. Unless your lucky enough to play against someone who isn’t butt hurt by the feel of his bar of soap.

Everyone everywhere has their list of “things I care about” and “things I don’t care about”. And everyone would like everyone else to believe that their interests are important to the same intensity as they believe they are. It’s just human nature. Lately though it seems the entire country (probably world as well) is starting to feel more and more at the mercy of people whose interests don’t line up with theirs. Likely it’s because the internet is so much of an enhancer…whatever minor issues person A might be feeling he can find thousands of other people with the same issue, and that makes it seem like it’s an epidemic instead of a minor issue, and that causes an echo chamber effect, etc.

A good example of this would be school shootings. Yes they are bad, they suck in about every possible way, but back before the internet…let’s say the 1970’s… if one took place the local news would cover it because it was important to them, the state probably as well, but likely it wouldn’t have gotten out much further than that.

Today though…we have 24/7 news channels, news sites, social media, and so on. If news outlets decide not to run a story about it, you can bet your butt a bunch of bleeding heart soccer moms will spread it like wildfire from shore to shore. Then we have a bunch of random isolated incidents begin to look like an epidemic, and they keep calling so much attention to it it eventually is. Now any time a kid feels like they need to lash out against their peers, they’re not far from a story about a kid in their position making headlines with a school shooting.

Tl:DR The internet makes things seem worse, because you can find groups of people that all feel the same way quickly.


Basically :joy:

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Considering we’re talking about people dying, I dunno if that’s a good example to be labled as a minor issue. I get your point though so in a way I guess you succeeded. lol

I do kind of agree though; while we have become more inclusive as a group of people I have to admit that it CAN get out of hand sometimes. For example: I’m all for equality and all that, but aren’t social justice warriors just as racist, sexest, etc. as someone who’s coming from the other side of things?

IDK but honestly when people are trying to accomplish something being just as bad as the people you claim are why you are SJW isn’t effective.

On the other note, sometimes a tiny bit of political correctness can be a fascinating way to teach people about a culture you’re not familiar with beyond T.V or something.

Some respect is alright to show, even a bit of political correctedness, but going so far to force their own ideals into people’s faces makes you just as bad as those you’re “fighting” against.

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The only thing I’m more tired of than people being offended too much, is people being offended too much by people being offended. We’re just stuck in a feedback loop where everyone is their own brand of culture warrior denouncing other types of culture warriors, where our harsh criticisms at society apply to everyone but ourselves.

I hate to pick on this topic, but I think the mentality behind it is also part of that problem. We can’t just address with the issue at hand maturely. Nope, we’ve gotta complain about how terrible society is and “those people” are. We’ve gotta cause a ruckus and throw out divisive labels because we were upset by some petty issue over fictional characters doing or not doing certain things on a screen. That’s just how people are. :pensive:

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Me thinks it’s just as simple fact that our lives ar emore stressful as a whole, so we seek out other outlets to to do. Be it using it to fight against each other or getting mad when a certain character doesn’t do anything folks want them to or not.

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People complain stuff when there’s nothing to complain about just for the sake of complaining. This is why I consider BuzzFeed the brain cancer of the internet.

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I think some of this problem come from ideas like “I am forced to like/tolerate your issues, so you need to do the same for mine” and “their issues are supported, so mine need to be supported also”.


This is an entirely inappropriate topic for these forums.

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