Is everyone Daigo on Ranked?

Incoming salt.
So I did my qualifying match. Got 8-2. Lost to two pro star guys. I also beat one. Then now I am in gold. Pretty much I fought a lot of prostars and gotten a few more. So many people have pro stars in gold. Ranked is filled with Daigos,Justin Wings,Rico Suaves,etc…Jeez this is difficult. Sad I can’t do it on my main account. Killer Rank is an actual achievement now.

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Yeah it’s tough with all the Killer statuses reset since launch, I didn’t mind and was a bit confused at first, I know now that I cannot hold back to any opponent I face in ranked, Still…It excites me what you can learn and teach others with the same if not higher skill level then you. :3


Last month I fought nothing but noobies. But then I put the minimum rank to silver and started facing somewhat better players. It was almost like a brand new game. Not getting combo breaked every 3 seconds was good. I could actually get some combos going.

It also doesn’t help that the majority of the people still aren’t in gold or silver yet so you keep getting tiny point amounts for beating bonzes and qualifies. I literally went 10-2 earlier today but ended up going negative point wise because my wins were against qualifiers and bronzes (some of which I know used to be killers) and my two loses were against top 32 gold tiers.