Is demonic despair invincible?

I remember that was fully invincible

but I feel no longer that is.


Yeap, it’s patched. But people still get caught by it.

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Hasn’t been for some time now.


Patched. When they made the system changes to PD (more persistent, only 50% regen on breaker) they removed demonic despair’s invulnerability.


It was removed on patch 3.6


Best way to hit it is by using Fwd HP to force them to hold your block and cancel in to DD.
Just make sure they dont have meter to shadow counter or see it coming and hold up.

Lol. That might actually hit me - I certainly wouldn’t be expecting s DD there :joy:

Are you being sarcastic or for real? :slight_smile: I hit people with it all the time, pretty much every time I can get them to block the Fwd HP.
Now that might not work on a top 32 player that lives and breaths every KI match up.
But it works for me! I really dont see amy other Omens doing it, but honestly I dont ever see DD used anyway.

Since I almost never see Demonic Despai being used, I feel that even top players might be caught off guard by it. I never have been hit by it on ranked but I’ve hit it many times through resets and block strings.

I never save my meter up to get a chance to use it anymore especially since all his other shadow moves have better uses, however it’s still fun to use it from time to time.

It’s precisely because no omens use it that you have success landing it. It’s such an oddball thing to do that even top 32 people would probably get grabbed by it and be like:


Hit them with the always popular empty jump DD. It is the hypest yomi-est move ever

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its not strike invulnerable but its throw invulnerable.

Another thing you can do is use instinct to read a throw attempt and perform DD.

Also, a fun thing to do is counter Shago instinct grabs with Omens DD. It’s a sure way to tell Shago beginners to stop thinking that move is uncounterable

Serious. As Sith says, no one uses that, so it’s just not something I’m looking for at any given moment. Omen is plus after making you take fwd+HP, so I’m not generally looking to challenge there.

It’s even odds that I’d see it in time and either jab you or panic jump out, mind you, but that’s still a lot better than trying to land it in most other situations. :slight_smile:


Ok cool! I really need to learn more about all the plus and negative moments because Im getting wrecked tonight by Shinksako and Hisakos and there damn normal’s into reka. IM like how the F did that beat me?? Those damn pokes are so fast!

Hisako is negative after everything that’s not shadow ORZ, far HK, and medium/heavy TK’d ORZ. Punishing or pressing advantage can often be tricky just due to range, but as a general rule if Hisako doesn’t hit you, then it’s probably your turn.

F+HP is -7 on hit and -9 on block. You can mash jab or a fast shadow move to punish the startup and Omen has no gaps in his blockstrings (aside from Raka patterns) making the option safe. Still people get caught due to the rare occurrence of the move.

Ah - thanks for the correction. For whatever reason, I had it in my head that it had comparable frame data to jago’s fwd roundhouse :sweat_smile:

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Yeah it’s - but since he cancels into fireballs or his shadow rashakuken set up you’re stuck holding it anyway. So it might as well be + lol