Is Combo Assist allowed at big tournaments?

I plan on going to Evo this year and sadly KI is not a main game. I am really hoping that KI has some kind of side tournament that I can participate it.

Which leads to the topic of the thread. Is Combo Assist allowed? I don’t mind if it’s frowned upon, thats cool, as long as it’s usable. If not I’ll have to start practicing with no combo assist, but if it is that is great.

Combo Assist is legal in all tournaments. You should be good to go.


Ofcourse it is… Its not like its Cheating.

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Yeah, CAM is legal. I think there was one oddball tournament that banned it a long time ago, but the standard has always been “eh, go for it if you like it.”

Someone mentioned that Element actually plays with it on. I thought that was pretty interesting.

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Cool. I’m a big fan because it turns KI into an all footsie mind game. Everyone can do a combo once you get the hit, so it’s all about getting the hit, and then getting the breaker if you get hit.


I agree with this as well. It changes KI partially into a game of hitconfirms and defensive tactics, instead of a game where whoever can hit enough buttons quickly enough gets the damage. Also CAM lets you practice delay between light heavy loops, allowing for greater or lesser amounts of delay to confuse your opponent potentially.

I’d have been surprised if CAM was illegal given how little impact it has on the game as a hole, given that the underlying engine actually renders the inputs the same whether you’re using it or not.

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