Is Aria's Bio confirmed for this week?

I was just wondering will arias bio come out this week as planned or will it be postponed due to more S3 news?

That’s something we would have to ask @Rukizzel about.

I have been trying to improve my ARIA recently, been having some luck. I am really looking forward to Season 3 Aria in which bass body will be vastly improved. Charge bomb dashing used in tandem with the faster bass dash & the juggle/hard knockdown of shadow dissonance are sure to make the world rely on me!:ok_hand:

I know we have Kim Wus colors tomorrow!!!

I fought 1 of the best ARIA players I’ve ever seen earlier tonight - and I’ve seen some good ones, let me tell you! Out of 10 straight matches we had together, I didn’t win a single one. I find her really frustrating to fight against at times when someone actually knows how to use her properly, because I often feel helpless and still don’t understand how they do it. I watch the replays, see what they do with her combos and assists, and then I go into practice mode, and for the life of me, I can’t seem to pull off what they do. It erks me to no end…

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I hope so! ARIA is a very intriguing character. Is she good? Is she bad? It’s hard to say. On one hand she runs this shady corporation that does all sorts of questionable and/or bad things, but on the other hand she claims that the whole reason she does any of it is because she wants to ensure the survival of humanity and it’s future, so really, her intentions are good. Her sweet little robotic heart seems to be in the right place, but she is just a tad bit extreme :smiley:

I want to know more about her so bad!

Hope its today. We all know ARIA was based on Ryat Adams’ wife right?

Noble (our writer) and I were just going over revisions to her bio. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow, depending on his day and the revisions.

Soon possibly, and certainly this week.


Well that answers that then I guess.

Hopefully their not late this time