Is arbiter's Carbine Juggle Brekable?

I did some tests in practice mode I first did a combo with Arbiter had him shoot 3 shots I was sure some I could break but I keeping getting the timer locked.

I decided to try and do it off of a throw this time and timed my single one shot, after getting the timing I still hit the Heavy Combo Breaker but it still got a lockout for timing.

So…Is Arbiter’s juggle off of launch ender breakable? or is it not because of projectile rule?

No projectile in the game is breakable. It’s why Cinder players try to use pyrobombs mid combo for juggles, as they aren’t breakable there either. Arbiter’s carbine falls under the same rules so it’s not breakable.

If you really want to test if something is breakable though, try going to practice and setting the dummy to “break everything”, and if it can be broken, it’ll break it. If it doesn’t break the carbine projectile, then yeah, it’s pretty much unbreakable. I’m pretty sure it already is though.

Maya daggers are breakable if you are grounded and she is close enough, but even that is very inconsistent.

Yeah, I forgot about that one, it’s about the only exception that I can think of at this moment.

Kilgore’s chaingun dash and DP’s in juggles are breakable.

They’re also not true projectiles. As a linker, chaingun dash switches to a red attack box, but in neutral has green projectile attack boxes. The version in neutral that uses green projectile boxes can not be broken, as it follows the normal rules, I even tested it in a setup where I juggled using the non linker version.

DP is breakable because the first hit of the move actually isn’t a projectile hit, but is a red attack box, similar to all other DPs, and in juggles is no different. This portion is actually breakable, but the follow up hits with the green projectile attack boxes are not breakable. DP is breakable, but only on the first hit, not the subsequent hits.

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