Is anyone experiencing issuse where the game is performing faster than usual?

the game is moving to faster than usual. its like a weird speed hack. its hard for me to describe.

If you have a 144 Hz monitor, that’s the reason and there’s a separate thread about it.

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Are you on PC? @CrazyLCD posted a thread describing an issue with 144Hz monitors.

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yes I’m using a 144hz monitor

Search for @CrazyLCD’s thread on PC issues. He explains that you should set your monitor’s settings to display at 60Hz when running the game and it will fix this problem.

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so theres not an option to set it to 60htz on the game?

and I’m new to windows10 and have no clue were to find the settings to switch it back to 60. I kinda don’t want to switch it back and forth everytime I want to play ki.

Right click your desktop and click on display settings.
Then click on the monitor you are using to play the game on and scroll to the bottom where it says “Advanced Display Properties” and then click on “Display Adapter Properties”.

A windows should pop up, then you click on the monitor tab at the top and there should be a drop down below you can select 60hz.