Is anyone else super excited to have Tusk and Thunder in the same game?

I’m Ultra excited. It’s been my dream rivalry for KI since it was rebooted back in 2013!


Yes I’ve always wanted to have to 2 of them in the same game. It’s been killing me for 2 seasons now lol


I’m excited, as potential brand new characters aside, I’m expecting Tusk to join Thunder in my Main list.

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Never been much of a fan of Thunder, so nah, don’t really care about that. I’m just excited for Tusk. ^^

Now that you bring it up, it’s going to be cool to play as the KI1 characters who didn’t make it to the newcommers from KI2!

Yea man, I’m ready for that Cinder v Tusk! The size difference though :sweat_smile: Cinder’s so lanky in comparison lol

I am so excited about Tusk vs Thunder just like I am for Gargos vs Eyed… oh.

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me too, me too… :cry:

Love love love it. Makes me wish they Wud do a tag team battle. It’s crazy. Thunder and Tusk all the way. Big bad boys, now that’s how to fight.