Iron Galaxy please use Shadow Jago's New Ultra as inspiration creating further Ultra's

All my opionion but Shago’s new Ultr-sorry his new ULTRAAA is amazing !! I just dig the whole combo!! a flurry of sword and kicks into the push back kick into his new overhead also getting a barage of air kukens and the grounded ones I like that nod to Omen and the back and forth Shadow Slide kick into his new DP Holy F***! No other ultra in the game screams ULTRAAAAAAAAAAA like Shago’s. His Ultra is already my favorite n i haven’t done it myself yet no other character’s ultra’s in this game screams ULTRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA like Shadow Jago’s cept maybe Cinder and Riptor’s. & Isgreen u were right bout his Ultra with that tweet. “You can now be jealous” You weren’t joking my friend, I WANNA SEE MORE ULTRAS LIKE SHAGO’S IG !

No, an extra attack that hits rpaidly is already enough, it’ll be a waste. I would of prefered Ultimates but it looks like that isn’t happening. I’d still rather they not waste time on ANOTHER Ultra.

I think he means the Other characters that are going to get the standard Ultra, Example, Kim Wu, have more of a rhythm to them and are well animated, like S1 and Shadow Jago’s.

His ultra is definitely one of the better ones so far. If I had to suggest something for future characters ultras, it would be to have shorter pauses in the ultras. The pause before shago does omens taught attack ruins the flow.

Shadow Jago’s Ultra has one of the best rhythms so far! I love that you can occasionally catch the beat of both Jago’s and Omen’s ultra in it.
It just sounds so good.