Inviting people to join practice mode

I feel like this would make the community get together more often and grow stronger. People have to play lobby or exhibition just to throw sum rounds, when sumtimes we just wanna practice without the timer going off or set whatever rules we wanna set and show eachother’s techniques and improve them.

Im sure there’s more that would benefit everyone if this got implemented just can’t think of stuff right now I’m sure the community has their say. I know this wouldn’t affect the creators or the players negatively in a any way, how could it, just the time they’d have to spend to make this happen. what does everyone else think?

Should this be made possible in the future or go down the drain, even if it doesn’t happen within the next few months but at least a consideration would be nice

If there is a legitimate reason why this isn’t on the game or won’t be, please explain, thank you

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I’ve been wanting this myself for a while. I hope it gains some traction and becomes a feature. Can’t see it being too hard to implement.

I would love online training mode heck even a dojo for every character would be nice

What I would REALLY LOVE is if they added an option to make your own Inputs and have it on the screen just like dojo making you follow it exactly as they want to to progress to the next level.

Imagine u come up with a good idea that’ll work in ur head, a beast ■■■ combo no1 can break then u rush to practice mode only to forget it after trying maybe once to three times… but if we had the, i guess I’ll call it the manual input dojo mode lol, if we had that we could go straight into that mode and type our combo out to remember it and master it way better. Maybe make file saves so we can always go back to that combo to practice it whenever or to share it with the community