Inviting a Steam Player and In-Game Chat

Hi all,

In the not too distant future, several friends and I were going to enjoy some casuals. We were going to play in Lobby Mode since that seems like the most effective way to do it.

One of our friends is using the Steam version of the game. Since Steam is a different ecosystem and uses different Friends List, is there a way for me (as the Lobby Host) to invite him to the Lobby?

Also, I don’t have a mic as some of you know, but interestingly, I can not hear those of you who do have mics, either in Lobby or in-game. Playing on the Windows 10 version, does anyone know how I’d resolve this?


The best way to do this is to set up the lobby with specific parameters and give those parameters to your Steam friend to search on. It makes the probability of him finding you through search very high.

I’ve found a weird quirk about the Win10 KI: mic audio will only go through one audio device (probably what Windows tells the app is the first device), no matter what your active audio device is set to. If you have multiple audio devices on your computer, but only one is plugged in, try going to the Device Manager and disabling the ones that you’re not actually using.

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Thanks @CodeComplete85, hopefully my Steam buddy will be able to find the Lobby this way.

For speakers and sound, I have my speakers, of course, and Realtek Digital Output. If disabling Digital Output doesn’t do the trick, are there any other sound/device options you can think of that I could check?

That’s the only bug I know of. Also, the bug is the same with mic input too; if you have multiple mic devices, it will only recognize one, no matter what your windows settings are.

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