Introducing the "Aganos VS." series

Win or lose … I’m finally gonna start posting my matches on youtube for others to see the golem in action!

It may be more losing sets than winning, however, as I generally make vids of sets where I’m learning stuff, which likely results in me losing lol.

Anyways, for those that want more Aganos videos and more KI content in general - here’s my contribution!

I’m definitely open for critique, so I’ll place the vids (well more like specific vids) in that part of the forum. So feel free to criticize me on my grab happy, yolo, no-blocking self! :slight_smile: I can take it. I’m just trying to git gud … or get gud … or however yall say it lol!

Anyways, enjoy the first 3 vids of many more to come!


Updated fyi! Find sets (or vids of me getting beat down err … learning matchups) with Omen, Aria, and Gargos.

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