Intentional or bug?

Now I know the rule here is to try and post the footage or recreate it in the lab and post it but I have no way to share my replays or record my gameplay so I am just going to explain what happened and maybe somebody here can try to recreate it (or say if this is intentional)

Here is the set up.

My opponent (Glacius) on the left side of the screen, I am (Spinal) on the right side of the screen. There is a pretty decent distance between in us, but not quite full screen (we were fighting at The Pinnacle)

So two times, I want to say either after a combo breaker restand or after I was getting up from a knock down, the Glacius would try to catch me with his Shadow Shatter (The move that comes from under you) and right at the same time as the shadow shatter I just happened to do Spinal’s regular heavy teleport at about the same time. Spinal would avoid being hit by the shatter, do the teleport behind the Glacius, but then get hit right as Spinal rose from the ground behind him? I know the hails linger and can hit from behind but I don’t think his Shadow Shatter is supposed to have any kind of hit box behind him, is it?

If it is then that’s fine and is my bad, I just am not sure and thought I would ask since I am sure somebody here knows.

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Shadow Shatter tracks. If you teleport,once you appear, the Shadow Shatter continues the rest of the hits where you are now.


Oh wow ok I had no idea about that. Thank you!