Instinct Puddle punch is BS

That thing is too fast to block. It oretty much travels full screen and crosses up in a second. Plus how do you know what way to block?

Yeah, it’s really good, which is why it’s only available while in instinct.

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Seriouslly how do you block that thing?

Neutral jump should avoid both of them. It has a lot of recovery so you can land and punish.

If he has hail covering him it’s not as easy, but still doable (plus if you get hit mid-air by hail, it doesn’t hurt that much and Glacius wastes his setup).


Actually, the teleport cross up puddle punch can be evaded if you jump, the “in your face” teleport puddle punch will (more often) hit mid air opponents. Also, Glacius teleports to the opponent faster when he is farther away from them. So the closer you are to Glacius, the slower the teleport uppercut is. Finally, there is a “shatter” like effects around the puddle when glacius is performing the teleport upercut. So when you see a liquidize Glacius in instinct, no extra effects should be present around Glacius. When he is teleporting, you’ll see more effects around Glacius’s puddle. @Sasuke99I


Ok. Thanks everyobe. So basically Jump if he is moving forward and liquidized very fast. Got it.

Step 1: Pick Hisako
Step 2: Profit :smirk::thumbsup:


…nah. I think I should just learn Kan-Ra instead and do the bug.


It’s not really any harder to block than Riptor’s tail Flip in season 2. Really the only difference is distance.

I can never block Riptor’s tail flip in S2…


Lol. You’re not the only one…I just mash jab and hope it connects :joy:

This may or may not work. I jumped away every time I saw that thing coming today and still got hit.

Jumping is absolutely not the right answer :slight_smile: Tail flip recaptures, and you’ll tend to fly into it by trying to jump out.

If your character has a fast jab with decent range (for a jab), mash that instead. You’ll poke Riptor out before the tail flip actually becomes active. Can be a bit tougher for some characters with really crappy jabs, but is your best bet if you just really can’t block it.

The only thing that bugs me about dealing with instinct puddle punch is that when I dodge it I can’t get a punish because I’ve moved away so doing a special will just remove one hit of his armor instead of hitting him meaning I end up eating a combo anyway.

He didn’t need this for his instinct. He should’ve gotten something smarter instead of fan service.
Wow. Such cool. Much hype.

If Iron Galaxy is going this direction, they might as well bring back Sabrewulf’s bat projectile for instinct mode, too.


His biggest problem with his instinct before was that people kept running away from him.

So this helps a lot.


The teleport is fine. The punch though makes me salty when it hits. The fact that it is an opener makes me feel it is unfair. Make it like the heavy puddle punch and IMO it would be more fair.

Dude, just neutral jump, it’s not that hard. And you can punish it on block unless the Glacius is covered by hails or very fast with a shadow hail follow-up.

I feel like the Heavy version is too little a reward for the commitment he’s making. And it IS a big commitment, especially considering the startup on it.

EDIT: Also, I don’t think it’s invulnerable on startup, so stay in his face and take the offensive and there’s no threat.

I know. i gotten use it to by jumping. It is very hard to block though.

just “jump”? Every time I’ve jumped, I never escaped the hit…

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