Instinct Bat causes goofyness

Is anyone else having issues with the instinct bat? Mine keeps causing unintentional opener enders, it keeps hitting my opponent out of their two hit move that I’m trying to shadow counter, it keeps screwing up my juggles, it’s making my block strings even unsafer than they normally are, and it’s causing me to whiff grab set ups that normally work. Can we make this thing a summon instead of automatically spawning??

LOL welcome to the life of an Omen player!

I find this hilarious, because i deal with this all the time.

Mira has GREAT tools, but some VERY strong weaknesses also. The “thought pattern” while using her is very unique.

I am sure there is a strategy to get around this “bat issue”, even if it involves just SPECIFICALLY planning your combo around the timing of the bat.

Opener enders? Is the instinct bat itself considered an opener? =O if so, I don’t really think it should be xD

Regarding the other situations you describe, they all seem to be a product of you not yet being used to the timing of the bats. That’s just something you’ll get used to, knowing when the bat will be coming out instinctively, and playing accordingly. Don’t think it being a summon is very viable since we already have the vampiric mist input used with HP+HK…