Instead of shadow orchid, shadow fulgore, sharp tj combo etc

Make a new character, just like they did with Sadira on Season 1.

New costumes, accessories, colors, do you even need to ask, we want.

Or we can add Sunlight Jago…


Or this could be posted in the thread that already exists for discussion about the survey…

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God I hope Sharkman is a joke…please let that be a joke and there not be a shark man. ughhhh

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the thing is, what contribution to the story would a new charecter bring at this moment? the story is 80% done, every charecter already has a role. randomly inventing a new charecter for the story is just shoehorning them in there when its not needed. and if your making a new charecter not have a large impact on the story might as well make a guest charecter or a bonus re-imagined charecter that has little to no impact on the story. guests can attract new people to play KI which is beneficial in the long run and the “shadow” concept or another concept IG can create like “Ultra-tech” or my personal favorite Pinnacle Aria( Aria inside her biological body she was making, i think it was called Ariana, with the technology that Ryat hid from her that was supposed to unlock her true potential)

its best to hold of on new charecter concept until S4 or KI 2K16 where a new story could be created for that charecter. at this point adding in a new charecter would kinda be like adding in a brand new fighter in S5 with a never before seen concept. "where has this new guy been in the story all this time? it makes no sense? Capcom: “dont worry about that, ignore the plot hole and play this cool new charecter that will never be mentioned in the story again”

Yep, let’s keep it all in the main thread please.