Inputs on the right side

Having trouble with inputs on the right side can anyone give tips

Practice the motions slowly and cleanly first, and then gradually build up speed. Turn on input display to make sure you are not getting extra inputs.

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Thank you

Go into practice and just spend ten minutes or so doing the problem inputs on the right side. Do this for about a week and you should find this to be much less of an issue. :thumbsup:

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Thank you for that good lookin out maybe we can get in a game or too sometime

Yeah man just go into training mode and practice from the other side, you will get the hang of it in no time.

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If using a pad, make sure the d-pad isn’t the problem. The actual plastic, that you’re in contact with, wears out. Little nubs on the internal surface erode. It’s quote confusing because the cardinal directions work fine but the erosion causes the 45’s not too register. I had to replace one a couple weeks ago.

Eta- microsoft, If you’re reading this: ewww. Eww to no wireless earpiece and eww to no music streaming app that works while in game. Just eww.