Inputs inconsistencies?

After launcher going for a counterbreaker.

Lets say the person like breaking at frame 0 (because they are mashing and they get it right before even seeying it).
So I’m in the lab and as soon I launch the rival with running uppercut I go for counterbreaker with both MP+MK (arcade stick with sanwa buttons). Sometimes I get the counterbreaker, other times I get just MK (over MP). What’s happening? the inputs are there and visible and the same. I don’t get why I’m not getting the counterbreaker frame 0. If I want to get them after a manual is not that easy if they guessbreak right (I’m talking as fast as possible). Lets say I do and inmediately MP+MK, I will get it usually, but somtimes…

I honestly don’t like counterbreaking these players that break juggles with guessbreaking if the input is not consistent.
I know I’m talking about guessbreaking but Wulf juggles don’t scare player at all, they break them withouth respect and honestly being afraid of this counterbreaking thing doesn’t help. I can’t say how many matches I’ve lost because of this.
It’s funny how many players would break Wulf manuals or even some linkers but so many would let running upercut alone.

Also, is not a good idea counterbreaking manuals for guess breakers right?

Counter breaking manuals is a waste Imo. If you want to go for a counter breaker, don’t do the manual. If you want to manual, don’t counter break. Doing one ruins the point of the other.

I’m pretty sure you can’t do raw uppecut into counter breaker, you have to input something to counter break from. If you do a manual there is a window before it connects where you can get first frame counter breaker, so do that instead of just raw counter breaker.

Ok, this is an example of what I’m talking about. You can see the inputs are there, but after three counterbreakers in a row I got a manual. Why is this happening?

@Infilament what do you think about this?

The question is, what are you trying to counter break?

After you do running uppercut, you have to input a breakable move to counter break. You can’t just do running uppercut (opener), and then counter break while they are falling without giving them a breakable move.

The reason you are getting counter breaker sometimes is because you are pressing MP and then MK very close together, so the game is giving you credit for trying a manual (MP or MK) and then your input is sorta kara-canceled into counter breaker (at least, I think this is what’s happening). That is, depending on the timing of how you press the buttons, the game is registering MP ~ MK as “do an MP manual and then counter break 1 frame later”.

But sometimes your input must be slightly different, so you press MP+MK on the same frame and the game says “oh there is nothing to counter break right now, so MP+MK must mean just do medium punch”.

The important thing to understand is that in ALL cases, you are doing a manual after running uppercut here. Sometimes your input is counted as “manual, then counter breaker”, and other times it is counted as “manual” by itself. The difference being whether you press MP and MK on the exact same frame or not (in the video, sometimes it shows up that way, but I think there is some small difference between the cases either way).

If you want, pressing MP by itself and then pressing MP+MK separately (so you press MP twice) will always give you the behavior you want. You’ll have to be pretty quick, though. Perhaps the kara input (MP, then MK 1 or 2 frames later) is actually more reliable, if you intentionally input it that way.

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I’m trying to counter break guess breaking after a launcher. I want the counterbreaker as fast as possible. If I manual first to let them see the move it won’t matter, because they are mashing buttons. There’s no way to counterbreak as fast as they can mash a button before the action.

You need to input a manual move first before CB in juggles. That’s the only way.

Right, in this case, counter breaking after juggles is different than counter breaking after a grounded opener.

When you are comboing on the ground (for example, after hamstring opener), you can just immediately mash counter breaker and you will catch absolutely everything possible. You don’t have to input an auto-double or linker here, because you are in a special combo state after the opener.

When you hit the opponent into the air, the only way to counter break is to first hit them with an attack that juggles them (for example, a MP manual in your video). This is because you aren’t in a special combo state, but rather you have returned to neutral. The game will not let you counter break from neutral, so you must either be in the grounded combo state of autos/linkers, or you must be attacking with a manual in order to counter break.

Don’t worry, though, if you press MP and then counter break immediately, you will still catch people who guess break, because KI has a buffer that applies counter breaks to the first possible frame of the hit, as long as you press counter break during startup of your move. That is what you are doing in the video when you get counter breaker; you are doing a MP manual and then inputting counter breaker immediately.

I believe mashing counterbreak as your “juggle” should work every time, yes?

So do running upper->MP+MK->MP+MK, with the two counterbreak inputs being mash timing. The game should interpret the first MP+MK input as at least one manual, and the second mash MP+MK should apply the counter break in the buffer window to ensure it comes out first frame.

At least, I think this should let you get it consistently… :sweat_smile:

Yeap, I went to the lab , picked Jago, recorded Wulf running uppercut plus manual cb and cb as fast as possible. Then with Jago, mashing like an idiot I got a lockout sometimes and was counterbroken other times. I can’t rely on cbs when people mash like that. It looks like hard reads and the punish is hard, not even worth it. They will cb players that mash on the hit though. But I’ll think if it’s really worth it. It will depend on the opponent of course.

Isn’t it better to just let mashers mash their breaker and capitalize on their lockout rather than go for a risky counterbreaker? Just a thought.

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