Input lag (native?)


Hi, I’m surprised that I find the KI Steam version with an annoying input lag.
This doesn’t happen in other fighters I have on PC.
When I go back to XOne my execution is cleaner but in Steam characters feel heavy and sometimes responses are like a scramble : wrong movement, dropped combos, hard to land manuals, buttons not comming out…

There’s a way I can check or adjust what’s happening and/or affecting the game like this?

I’ve played in another Xbox where the game runs Even faster than mine (Zero lag monitor) and I don’t have this problem.

In Steam the performance test says it’s totally fine.


Not sure. I never noticed any additional input or display lag on my Steam version of the game when I was still playing it. :confused:


I’ve noticed this as well! Parries are especially hard to land on the Steam version.

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