Inktober 2017

I know there’s a thread for this from last year, but it’s KI specific, so I I’m starting us off fresh!

Inktober is the fun thing people do where they make doodles every day of October, if y’all didn’t know. So let’s have some fun and doodle together!
I think I’ll encourage @MandrillManiac, @RTA07 and @OhAnodyne since I know they like to doodle too. Feel free to tag other peeps!

Here’s my Day 1: A spooky little witch


I’m gonna try this after tonight’s dinner fwuf!

I’ve been planning this!


I don’t know if I’m going to stress doing it every day this month, but I’ll definitely try to do some ink work here and there. Will post if I come up with anything worthwhile!


What is in its hand

I made this a couple of years ago, isn’t much but I hope it does Jago some justice.


The one hand has a broom, the other is supposed to have her palm cut open and her hand contorted with black magic.


Lack on ink means no Inktober for me…

So instead…

Have one spooky drawing for the month.

Happy Halloween everybody! Here is Thanatos the Reaper!
Art by my Dad. Character belongs to me.


Short backstory:
I love drawing, but i’m the worst person in the world at it, and have the hardest time getting started. Because of that, there has always been a hole in my life where i thought drawing should be. I hope this is a chance to kick-start my learning by having friends support me and draw with me! To begin, here is a doodle of Shago i just did. I know its bad, but if you knew how hard it is for me to draw, you would see this as a shining achievement, no joke.


Here’s a sketch of some of my favorite mass effect characters I did on work notepad.


Nice! Can I draw whatever I want? :smiley:

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Yep! The important thing is the act of drawing itself
Even the Ink part of Inktober is optional

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Backstory: So my brother and I were bored yesterday and we decided to have a contest. We would have to a draw KI character in 45 minutes with no reference but our memory. I got Kilgore and he tried to draw Eagle. He got to frustrated and ended up throwing his paper away, sooo I guess I won. I just colored it after I finsished.

It’s not the best and I forgot a lot of detail (I missed the wire ponytail :cry:) but I liked how it turned out. I’m no artist btw there are much better fan art then this.


Never participated in an Inktober before, would like to hop in this year’s one, but muscles in left hand are in pain atm (probly from too much gaming) plus I’m just outta practice in general with drawing. Will hopefully participate in next years. Looking forward to what everyone else can draw though.

Gonna try to at least get one for each day but to me that’s not realistic, too lazy.


I’m gonna have to start drawing too!!!

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Great contributions so far everyone! I’ll be working on my Day 2 contribution in a bit.
@ArtemisViiHawke sorry to hear about your hand, dude. Get well soon, and hope next year you can have fun woth Inktober!

Watching Winnie the Pooh with my nephew gave me an idea for my next #Inktober2017 contribution.
In the movie we were watching, Pooh and friends misread a note that Christopher Robin l:yum:eft about going to school, misinterpreted as “skull”. Owl accidentally convinced them of the existence of a “terrifying Skullosaurus” that might try to gobble them up.
So, I decided to give it a try imagining what such a thing would look like. Though my pen slowly started to give up in the process.
Day 2: Skullosaurus


We couldn’t finish tonight due to bullcrap…

So here is a wip of the Character Riffraff.

Art is by my dad.

Character belongs to me.



"Such fragile and intriguing little creature "


Another Mass Effect one and probably the last for a while, started this a while back never got the chance to finish it but rushed toward the end unfortunately.