Info on Mira?

Couple of weeks in to Season 3 and talk of the update at the end of the month seems surprisingly quiet.

I guess I was hoping for the same hype train of Season 2 where we were getting new info every week.

Should we expect info on Mira soon?

Probably the last day of the month.

Well yeah probably for the release but before that we normally get backstory info, theme music showcase, gameplay footage, retro costume unveil, character trailer, and a breakdown of other details and changes to come in the patch at the same time. But in this instance it all seems unusually quiet.

I imagine they are trying to let us completely digest all of what we got in S3 so far before they unleash a bunch of Mira info. They want to hit us with the Mira hype once the S3 hype is beginning to wane.Or that’s my guess lol

Yeah, to be honest I kinda just started this thread because I wanted to talk about it enough to perhaps lure a dev into teasing something :grinning:

I totally understand dude lol I am pretty damn excited for Mira myself so hopefully somebody can give us some new info real soon

April 32nd!