Infinite Warfare Trailer Gains 3 Million Dislikes

I knew this was going to happen. But to be honest, even when Advanced Warfare came out, I didn’t care about it (since I wanted to play Killer Instinct anyway), nor did I really care about Infinite Warfare. The fact that the pre-order numbers are low and the reveal trailer garnered that many dislikes is what amazes me. I’m not the typical Call of Duty fan that buys the games every year, I’m more of a Treyarch guy. I believe that Treyarch made the better Call of Duty games by far and Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer tried but didn’t really convince me to buy those games.

It makes me really wonder what’s going to happen in November because Call of Duty as of right now could be on the verge of going off the grid.

Any thoughts?


It was only a mater of time.


It’s funny how ppl at e3 were all into the game until they called it COD. HAHA it seems that the brand of COD is tainted with hate now. COD has officially become the John Cena of gaming. That’s sad.


Remember the fun days when COD was ground war and not wall running shenanigans?

Oh well, I’m waitin’ on that CoD4 remake to be sold separately.


I still like CoD2 the best.

Is it still worth playing? Cod 4 was my first real experience in the series so I’m not too familiar with the previous titles.

I definitely think it’s still worth playing. Solid single player campaign and simpler multiplayer (before perks and killstreaks). I’m also a WW2 buff so maybe I’m a little biased.

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I’m really happy CoD is getting ■■■■ on, and Battlefield is going back to its roots. I miss playing Battlefield 1945.

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I am a Gears player so COD is a hell-to-da-nah in my book anyways :muscle:

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I have a feeling it’s not so much because it looks astoundingly bad or anything as much as it’s become a meme. I mean, the game itself probably isn’t going to be great, but I have a feeling it’ll at least control well enough and be functional.
That and I’m sure a lot of people (including me) are pissed that COD4:Remastered isn’t getting a standalone release, and they’re dropping the dislike to show their disapproval of Activision’s ■■■■ move.
On a similar note: It’s freaking hilarious how much of a turn around there’s been for the hate CoD gets.
A few years ago the main complaint was “it’s the same game every year!” Now that they’re switching things up with setting and gameplay everyone’s all like "man I miss the old days of CoD, it’s too different now!"
I mean, I liked CoD better before as well, but that’s because it did what it did very well, and there are games that do the freedom of movement FAR better (iD shooters and Titanfall come to mind), but props for at least trying…even if they fail horribly.

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That’s funny because I was going to bring up Titanfall. It’s one of the first few games that I got with the XBOne and I love it. But when I see the new COD game coming out I’m just like “Well I already bought Titanfall and it’s just like the new COD except I get cool mechs to ride around in. Nah”.

The last COD game I played was the original COD. Multiplayer in that game was so much fun.