Indian-Indonesian character

We got Kim Wu for being a mix of Chinese-Korean, but what if we had a fighter who is a mix of Indian-Indonesian?

Like say somewhere he/she can possess various Hindu mythologies?


  • Asura
  • Shiva
  • Garuda
  • Vishna
  • Agni
  • Rudra
  • Durga


  • Garuda

The fighter can possess not only Kalarippyattu, but also Pencak Silat.

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Yeah, I’ve never thought of that but I could definitely get behind that idea. Aslong as he has no weapon stuck strictly to using his hands, feet, elbows and knees I think that would be an interesting addition. Any ideas for how’d you’d want it to play?

Celebrities are a BIG deal in India, a Johnny Cage type character would be perfect.

A hindu themed minotaur would be cool too.

Unlike other fighting games, KI has never been about specific fighting styles. The devs have admitted to just using “what looks cool” to them and have based characters more upon useful designs based around myths and various cultures (this is why you see vampires and werewolves and not Muai Thai or Kung Fu fighters).

The Indian aspect is a pretty cool idea, I’ll have to agree, but getting into a specific fighting style like the ones above will probably not stick. In addition, the character needs to be able to meet various cultural references too, like with Kim Wu and Kan Ra’s Big Trouble in Little China references and Gargos’ winged monkey reference to the Wizard of Oz. I would think that as cool as an Indian-style fighter would be, getting good references might by quite hard - and if they add accessories to make him look like Psy, I would quit this game in a heartbeat.

India & Indonesia isn’t easy is it.

I mean, they got that music and Bollywood. But there’s gotta be some pop culture that can be used.

A Bollywood version of Johnny Cage in KI? Wonder how to picture that.

Any martial arts films in India & Indonesia?

I plead ignorance but what is Kan Ra’s reference to Big Trouble in Little China? I’ve never seen it myself.

Lo Pan

OHHHHHHHHH! Never knew that.

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If there was a Bollywood version of Johnny Cage, can this one wield the powers of various myths from India and Indonesia?

Asura? Kali? Shiva? Garuda? Durga? Agni? Rudra?

I’d assume so, probably should parody them instead… for consistency

I don’t know if I could take another sarcastic character after Kim Wu and Cinder…

Since Johnny Cage is a Hollywood action star based on Jean-Claude Van Damme in MK.

A Bollywood action star wouldn’t hurt would it?

How about someone based on Dev Patel?

Anyone else got anything India & Indonesia? I never got interested in Bollywood before.

I’d like to. See a shiva type female
(spiral/ sheeva)

Maybe it’ll work.

But I’m lookin’ for Indian & Indonesian pop culture for an Indian-Indonesian character since Kim Wu is Chinese-Korean but with American.

Can a Spiral/Sheeva mix with yoga somehow?

Your typical Bollywood hero is not much different from a Hollywood one these days, except being able to dance somewhat competently. The closest to Johnny Cage comes in the form of one Akshay Kumar, look up some of his stuff when you can. Moveset would probably be some fundamental kicks and punches from various popular martial arts. Give him a cocky, strong but caring personality and boom, one Bollywood actor, successfully created (bonus points for using old school sound effects).