In your opinion KI Season 3 deserves a great graphical update?

In your opinion KI Season 3 deserves a great graphical update?

For me, KI deserves a big and beautiful graphical upgrade!

The modeling of the human characters is bad, especially the faces that appear crooked.

The texture and color of the skin of human characters is also bad, they tend to get very red or pink color tones. The skin textures could be well you work as has been happening with the characters of Tekken 7.

The changes or animations of the characters are also very bad, they do not go feeling the force of gravity, physical exertion of characters to apply blows, collisions, etc. In other words, the current movements or animations of KI’s characters are far from perfection recently seen in Street Fighter 5. KI has even simple things like the hair of the human characters moving with the action of wind or during the fight scams .

The KI scenarios has few elements interaction with the characters and explore little scenes shot highlighting the three-dimensional scenes.

Furthermore, in KI scenarios (with some exceptions) there are few physical or environmental influences passing feeling of life to the scenarios. Missing objects moving with the wind, puddles that change with the movement of the characters, objects being destroyed during the fighting etc.

The palette of colors and textures KI only worsened with time. KI started well, textures and colors were more refined and the atmosphere was more dark, but as the time the game started to get too colorful and approached a cartoony style unflattering historical tradition of KI.

This thing of a character having 9 or 10 types of color variation in my opinion is a ridiculous and unnecessary thing. It’s embarrassing to see Glacius or Sabrewolf in green or pink color. The best would be to invest in different types of clothing for the characters, but something originally thought for the characters and not these costumization schemes made by usurers own where they choose hats, glasses, pants and masks for the characters and then the characters are all deformed and with a visual whole ugly and tacky.

The KI 1 Arcade, among many goals, was born as a fighting game to graphically impress and astonish people in his time and unfortunately this does not happen with the current version of KI.

For me, KI deserves a big and beautiful graphical upgrade!

Beggers can’t be choosers, my friend. :wink:

Dear Galactic Geek,

I bought seasons 1 and 2 of KI in their full versions for Xbox One and paid dearly for them to Microsoft, so I’m a consumer for Microsoft and so it is extremely valid a saying in my country: “Consumers are always right”.

Here is the thing.

Of course if somebody asked me if I wanted a prettier game, I’m going to say yes. But the Xbox One can only handle so much until they’ll have to start sacrificing other things.

If you want 4K textures and more particle effects on screen, you’re going to take a hit on the frame rate and load times. Adjusting the framerate isn’t an option and the load times are on the verge of being annoyingly long. I’m fine with the way it is and I do think KI is still want of the prettiest 2D fighters (The top of that list is probably GGxrd though)

What you’re asking for could be doable for the PC version though.

Just fix the horrible clipping issues like retro jagos sword on his back!!!

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But the customer is always right…(aka us)

Graphical updates in terms of models and textures would be fine, but I doubt that it will happen. That’s a LOT of work, and getting the game to run the same on the same hardware with all those updates would be even more work.

Would it be cool? Yes. Will it happen? Probably not. The most we will see is smaller graphical improvements (like the new lighting and effects in S3).

well if anything …they have confirmed better lighting for all present and future stages, so pretty stages confirmed.

I think Kim Wu’s stage showed a style not like previous seasons. Just look at it, it looks realistic as heck, if there “lighting update” can do the same with the rest of the stages then am all up for it. The juxtaposition of having a realistic stage like Kim Wu’s alley and having a character like Jago and Kan Ra on it was amazing to me even though it looked like conflicting art styles.

It reminded me of this picture. I really think they should chase that art style that sets the game apart from others and as we see with Guilty Gear, presentation can attract a ton of people into the game and this can be KI’s unique art style to set itself apart.

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Forgive me IG for saying but… I think Kim Wu looks awful. Her stage though is fantastic.

Maybe its just human characters but seeing her first for season 3 kind of derailed my hype train, well at least until the teaser. The Arbiter’s big toe had more hype in it than Kim’s entire reveal and gameplay trailer combined, she’s just lackluster visually, her gameplay actually looks pretty good. I really do think KI looks great as it is but seeing Kim up close made me kind of take a step back and think to myself “Damn, this game needs help.”. KI is like Drew Barrymore, sometimes it looks gorgeous and at others you can’t even believe its the same person you’re looking.

I don’t think that all of KI needs a graphical overhaul but sometimes it looks bad, like Kan-Ra’s face up close or Hisako’s creeper scream win pose really let you see just how mucky things are in great detail. I really push this game on all of my friends but at times I almost feel kinda bad when they judge the game on those little nip-picky details. I want KI to be all that it can but man, sometimes it just looks bad. All of the stage ultra animations for example, they’re pretty awful… KI really excels at times but in some aspects, it falls flat.


Gosh darn Savage. But it’s true. The animations are my main gripe, especially when you look how beautiful MKX’s animations are.


Pretty much.

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It shows that KI is a budget title, for better and worse. At some point I would like to see a “KI2” Or simply a season tha’s dedicated to polish and graphics. Probably not gonna happen.

KI looks unique and it may even look pretty at times, but one may see how they’re constantly squeezing the budget for dimes.

If S3 does really well, I’m hoping there may be a form of KI2, where they take all they’ve learned and put it in a new coating. It’s mostly a dream though, KI doesn’t NEED it, I’d just like to see a higher production KI at some point.

I think a lot of people are convincing themselves that their valid but subjective opinions are facts. I played MKX this week, and while I think the graphics and character models are well done I don’t see animations that are better than KI. I also played SFV and it’s freaking me out watching Karen’s sleeve clip into her mouth on the character select screen (that is some disturbing shit). So, while asking for more and better from KI is legitimate I think people need to be a bit more thoughtful about the comparisons they are making. You can go nitpick the ■■■■ out of those other games too.

As far as faces, MK gets the same criticisms as KI on their female faces and SF just puts nearly completely featureless faces with big eyes and button noses on top of huge ■■■■■ and calls it a day because people seem happy with that. Seriously, go look at Cammy. There is tons more attention to the anatomical detail of the visible ligaments between her inner thigh and the crotch of her bathing suit than in her face. Chun-Li is the same. There’s more shading and texture to her quads than on her face. “Flawless Caucasian anime doll face” really shouldn’t be the standard by which all female character faces are judged. Laura is a little better but only because of her hair and eyebrows. Rose actually had an interesting face but she is clearly the exception…

I’d love to do an experiment where they take the hair and bodies away and just leave bald faces and see if anyone can actually tell the DoA girls apart.


I would appreciate it. But its not at all a priority for me. I was really impressed with Kim Wu and her stage. I honestly think I’d rather see funner things like finishing moves and more stage ultras. More accessories.

I would only be happy with graphical improvements as long as the game continues running at full 60 frames (or at least nothing worse than what we currently have). Especially in a fighting game, I would happily sacrifice graphics for smooth gameplay.

Usually you do that sort of huge graphical overhaul with a sequel. Heres hoping we get KI4.

The engine KI is built on was made by a small indie developer. To do much more upgrade in terms of graphical quality would likely require replacing the engine which would be no small task. It could also, potentially, create a new era of bugs to have to iron out over time.

Basically, the risk isn’t worth the reward. For the amount of man hours it would take to make the game a bit more pretty, we could have a ton more features, characters, and other content. I’d vote for the latter given the choice.

Also, I disagree on MKX. Some of the graphic fidelity in textures and backgrounds are good. But their animations, for the most part, are worse than KI.