In urgent need for advice. Getting destroyed since Saturday

Greetings everyone,

On Saturday and after some struggling I finally managed to get into Silver, but since then my life has been miserable. I’ve been unable to win a single match and can’t figure out what am I doing wrong, I mean I know what I might be doing wrong but I have no idea what to do to fix it. So far:

  • When characters jump right over me I have no idea what anti airs I can use.

  • Every time I block an attack and try to respond with a jab, it gets stuffed and eat a combo.

  • I can’t beat Orchid’s slide, tried doing Dragon Dance but it gets stuffed.

  • I’m also having issues predicting Shago’s teleport divekick.

  • I’m really clueless as how to use Dragons effectively.

I’d really appreciate any advice you could give. If I keep getting thrashed I might as well give up and not play anymore.

-Kim’s best anti-air is cr. HP, which takes some practice to get down but it’ll become second nature soon enough. You can also use dragon parry if you think they are going to do a jump in attack, which I’m sure everyone in Silver does without thinking.

-You have to know the other character’s frame data, whether or not the move they did before is positive or negative on block. If it’s negative, then you can press a button before they can, though watch out for reversals.

-Practice parrying it or jumping over it. Light Dragon Dance could potentially be a good counter for it too, though I’ve never tried that.

-Really just practice. If you don’t want to guess directions, try to parry it. It you manage to block it though, use heavy dragon dance for a massive punish.

-Use them to cancel out of reversals to make them safer. Use them to get closer to the opponent for a quick grab after a blockstring. Use them to cancel out of moves in combos to bait lockouts.

Also, remember to utilize your target combos. They are great for setting up throws.


Kim-Wu is tough to get good with. She is really spacing dependent and relies on a few solid pokes to first disrupt what her opponent is trying to do and then set up her own offense. And moving out of bronze into Silver is when you are going to start encountering people who have developed routines that work for them - and then spam them over and over. So you have to start really understanding which moves leave them vulnerable and which ones don’t. It just requires more game knowledge to confidently interrupt those players. A good place to start is here:

Kim’s standing medium punch is her best poke. Learn its range and then stand at that range. Throw it out to stuff your opponent. If you can do that predictably you can string it into her dragon dance to start combos or pressure your opponent. Kim has good walk speed now too so you can often lock your opponent down with a couple of s.MP pokes then walk forward and throw them.

As far as matchup advice, with Kim you don’t need to worry about Shago’s teleport mixups. Just learn the timing to do a dragon counter which will work regardless of what side he comes out in.


you can bait with mp and cancel to a dragon dance. Be weary as using mk dragon dance i’ve noticed people react witha mp/mk breaker. Also if you cant get a “good long combo” go for small 4 hitters. once you get dragons you get more options. I like to use the dragon as a jump cancel to make them think im gonna fall short then come in with a j hp.

Make him respect that long range crap and make him realize you fireball imma send it back

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