In probation? what?!

so i’ve just finished a match and apparently im in probation? or at least there’s a thing saying it with the Y button to look at what probation is. ok year I’ve “quit” a couple matches, mainly because the game crashes so much on pc! so what i’m being penalised because the game is broken? I’ve not actually quit any match my self from rage quit like a bunch of other people (3 people quit on me during qualifying stage, probably game crashed too on them) so great now there’s almost no reason to play ranked for an entire month? feeling a bit ripped off here. I actually won my last match also. not quit or crashed

Talk to someone who can help.

and who would that be without emailing?

Perhaps @GoogleMyName or @rukizzel might be able to assist, OP. The devs are on this forum and are usually properly good about getting back to us.

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You can requalify if you feel so strongly about it.

Um, this seems pretty serious to me.

I’ve not yet played any matches since the rank resets but before that the game crashed a good amount of times on me. At least three times during matches. I almost threw my controller at the wall after a pretty exiting Killer match was 1-1 after my opponent won and I was decided to show that Em Fifer who’s the boss when the game just crashed on the “Best 2 of 3” screen.

If disconnecting by the game crashing puts you in probation then the devs should at least make sure it doesn’t happen if everything else is alright with your system. My system is pretty stable - no overclocks, no beta drivers and no other games crash as often as KI does (not even SFV who has it’s own share of problems) and I hear many others are in the same situation so most probably the game itself has a bug somewhere.

Well, I might as well go back to Xbox One while they don’t patch this. At least it doesn’t crash as much.

I’ve had similar issues on xbox one where it just quits the app, but windows store apps are notorious for it, its not just KI so i’m not bashing the devs coding skills (even with bugs at least they get ontop of it) I don’t know if its even something the devs can account for, i could have easily just quit the app manually, the only thing I can think of would be a log and check option, so if the app closed gracefully IE me clicking the X button to close it the log would shoudl that, but a crash report with time and where you were, (in a ranked match,did it finish did I get the win / loss record) and check that on next launch to account for it would be the only real solution since you cant really fake a crash unless someone found something funky to actually crash the game on demand, I can think of a few things to do this, but I don’t wnat to give the ideas since i’d hope this can be fixed before its abused.

Yeah I hope people that get an actual disconnect aren’t punished for it. I guess if there is no way to distinguish the 2 then that is how it has to be but that would suck for people experience actual honest disconnects every once in a while.

Yes, now that you mention it both my Twitter app and Baconit (Reddit client) like to force close an awful lot and they’re both “metro” apps.